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High-Protein Snack Recommendations for Weight Loss

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High-Protein Snack for weight loss

Studies show that the amount of snaking a person does in one day typically equals a fourth daily meal when it comes to calories consumed. While a snack is usually allowed in most diet plans to stave off that mid-afternoon hunger pain, you have to be snack-smart to make the most of that tiny meal. Here are 7 high-protein snack recommendations recently reported on ABC News that can help you toward weight loss.


According to ABC News contributing writer Jessica Migala, protein is the key ingredient that makes one snack possess more staying power than others. The importance of protein is that it slows digestion down making you feel less hungry longer, and helps avoid spiking in blood sugar levels.

However, this does not mean that you need to take the time to cook up a nice, lean chicken breast ahead of time and carry it everywhere with you. Rather, here are some pretty simple and effective high protein snack recommendations reported by ABC News that you can carry with you on the go.

High-Protein Snack #1: Single-serve cottage cheese (20 grams protein per 5-ounce serving)

Not only does low-fat cottage cheese beat out Greek yogurt in protein content, but it does so at only a slight bump-up in additional calories. Another plus of choosing cottage cheese is that it also provides calcium needed for strong bones and healthy teeth. Furthermore, it has less salt than other types such as these that are a major contributor to salt consumption in the United Kingdom.

High-Protein Snack #2: Peanut butter pack (8 grams protein per 1.15-ounce pack)

You can’t beat peanut butter for its convenience in small packs and its great taste. Higher than cottage cheese in the calorie department due to its healthy fat content, peanut butter does provide more snacking power to get you through till dinner time. But don't rely on low-fat peanut butter that according to this source is a diet food fake.

Do you find eating peanut butter out of the pack difficult to swallow? Try smearing it on a banana for added nutrition with some fiber.

High-Protein Snack #3: Mini cheese or string cheese (6 to 8 grams protein per serving)

Individually wrapped packets of cheese like Mini Babybel wheels or Sargento sticks are very convenient to store and carry everywhere and are one of five recommended food tips for losing weight. Look for the ones labeled as “part-skim” to save on calories.

High-Protein Snack #4: Roasted chickpeas (7 grams protein per quarter-cup serving)

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Here is long-time Dr. Oz favorite for weight loss success that contains only 120 calories per serving. ABC News says that you can make your own flavorful snack by rinsing and draining chickpeas in a bowl, and then adding a little olive oil and spices like chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper. This is an easy-bake recipe requiring only 45 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 425 degrees F.

High-Protein Snack #5: Edamame (8 grams protein per half cup)

Edamame are essentially soybeans still in their pods, which provides added protein and fiber that will keep you fuller for longer. They also work great as a Super Bowl Snack. You can either heat up a small package in the microwave or dry roast some alongside your chickpea creation.

High-Protein Snack #6: Hardboiled egg (6 grams protein per egg)

Nutritionists agree that eggs are no longer considered the dietary bugaboo they used to be—as long as they are consumed in moderation. If you can boil water, you can hard boil an egg. Eggs are convenient as they are self-contained until time to snack. To make one taste even better, carry around with you in a small Ziploc baggie any number of seasoning combos or make one of your own to suit your taste buds.

And if you've boiled more than you need, here are some pet recipes that use hard boiled eggs.

High-Protein Snack #7: Single-serve oatmeal (4 grams protein per packet or cup)

Not quite as convenient as the aforementioned snacks―preparation requires a cup, spoon and source of hot water―oatmeal comes in small packs that run between 150-200 calories. To beef your oatmeal up a bit, consider adding some nuts, berries or fruit to your bowl for added nutrients and to prevent taste boredom.

And believe it or not, this one type of oatmeal is used for treating unsightly cellulite.

For more on healthy snacking for weight loss, here is an informative article on using cheesy snacks to prevent obesity in your child.

Image Source: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Reference: ABC News Health—“7 High-Protein Snacks You Can Eat On the Go