Here’s What a Perfect Day of Zero Belly Eating Can Look Like For You

Zero Belly Recipes Book

Would you like to know how to cut about 900 calories from just breakfast alone - and still feel like you’ve had a satisfying meal?! Here’s what a perfect day of Zero Belly eating can look like for you toward your weight loss success.


On a recent episode of Good Morning America, ABC’s nutrition expert Dave Zinczenko―author of the "Zero Belly Cookbook"―tells viewers that his latest book has even more dieting advice filled with recipes that are part of his Zero Belly diet plan.

“The Zero Belly diet was such a success, people were losing 20 pounds in six weeks and four inches from their belly, but they were complaining. They said we need more―we need more recipes,” says Mr. Zinczenko.

One Day’s Meals of the Zero Belly Diet

Zero Belly Breakfast: According to Mr. Zinczenko, research shows that eating out for breakfast at your average chain restaurant piles on approximately 1,126 calories at the beginning of your day. To make it a Zero Belly breakfast it’s all about making smart swaps. His recommendation is to try his Zero Belly Eggs Benedict consisting of spinach, olive oil, and a poached egg on a gluten-free muffin with a smattering of homemade mayo dressing for added flavor, but significantly less calories than a heavy hollandaise. Total calorie count―only 207 calories, saving you from approximately 900 extra calories had you eaten out for breakfast.

Zero Belly Lunch: Mr. Zinczenko points out that eating out for lunch is also no less damaging calorie count-wise as he tells viewers that lunch averages about 1,025 calories in many restaurants. His recommendation? Go for a homemade lettuce wrap tortilla consisting of lettuce layered with grilled chicken breast and veggies with some added healthy fat-containing guacamole that will keep you feeling fuller longer. Total calorie count is only 257 calories. If a typical oil-soaked restaurant flour tortilla were used instead, you would have to add on an extra 350 calories to the count.

Zero Belly Dinner: For dinner, research shows that you can expect an average of 1,153 calories in your restaurant meal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. According to Mr. Zinczenko, you can make a 343 calorie burger out of a 90 percent lean, black pepper marinated beef patty cradled within a gluten-free bun and dressed with your choice of Dijon, ketchup and/or mustard.

So, as is, your 3 meals of Zero Belly eating comes to less than 1,000 calories leaving plenty of room for a belly fat blasting shake and some protein snacks recommended for aiding weight loss.

Zero Belly Eggs Benedict Recipe

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Courtesy of the Zero Belly Cookbook here is the recipe for his savory, protein-rich Zero Belly Eggs Benedict breakfast meal (4 servings):


• 2 gluten-free English muffins, split in half
• 4 eggs
• 2 cups packed spinach leaves
• 2 tablespoons Zero Belly mayonnaise
• Smoked paprika to taste (optional)
• Olive oil spray

Cooking Instructions

• Toast the English muffin halves until golden brown.
• Poach 4 eggs.
• While the eggs are poaching, heat a medium sauté pan over medium heat; spray with olive oil spray, and add the spinach. Use a rubber spatula to stir the spinach until wilted.
• Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels to drain any excess water.
• Top each toasted English muffin half with one quarter of the spinach mixture, and one poached egg.
• Top with 1/2 tablespoon mayonnaise and a pinch of smoked paprika.

Calorie count per serving: 207 calories / 11 g fat / 9 g carb / 3 g fiber / 9 g protein

For more about calorie counting your meal choices, here is some useful info with this Free Calorie Counting Plan for weight loss.

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