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Here’s a Weight Loss Program that Helped One Chef Lose 32 Pounds in 8 Weeks!

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There are a lot of dieting and weight loss programs to choose from. But which one is right for you? Here's one example dieting program recently reported from Arkansas - a state that ranks 4th nationwide in obesity - that helped a chef lose 32 pounds in just 8 weeks.


Deciding upon a weight loss program can be intimidating and confusing--the range in types and expense is as varied as the products in a grocery store. However, as a first step, you may want to consider avoiding costly and potentially harmful fad diets and begin with a type that is low-cost and based on good nutritional sense.

“Eating healthy is a lifestyle change,” reports a KXNW Channel 5 news anchor who tells viewers about the Sparks Nutrition Counseling Center that is reporting successful weight loss results among dieters in their "Mission SlimPossible" program in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Mission SlimPossible is an 8-week long program that is all about educating dieters on how to implement small healthy changes into their daily routine:

Participants enrolled in the program learned about:

• Basic nutrition
• Meal planning
• Smart shopping
• Dining out
• Social activities
• Behavior modification

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“This is an education on how to lose weight for a lifetime,” says Nutrition Coordinator Sarah Sawyer.

Dieters meeting once a week for 8 weeks who were enrolled in the program had access to Registered Dietitians, Executive Chefs, and a Physical Therapist as well a complimentary 1 month membership to a local Fitness Center.

So what kind of weight loss results can you expect? Well, while weight loss results can vary, one member who has been a chef for years and suffered from excessive weight in large part due to his job did lose 32 pounds in just 8 weeks. According to the news report, the last group of 12 lost a combined 82 pounds in 8 weeks—an average of almost 7 pounds per person.

So the tip here is that while you may not live in the Fort Smith region, there are a growing number of small, less well known programs that offer similar dieting programs in many neighborhoods; Contact your physician or local hospital for their recommendations.

For more about sensible dieting for weight loss, here is recent news about another low-cost weight loss program on how to take off the pounds sensibly.

Reference: KXNW 5NEWS―”Fit: Chef Credits Weight Loss to Mission SlimPossible.”



I don't know about this "chef" but if his food was really tasty he wouldn't be able to lose weight. I've had to go for the Loaded Gun Diet to curb my sweets craving, and I"m not much of a cook either, LOL.