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Here’s One Man’s Story on How He Lost 100 Pounds in Just One Year

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Man loses 100 pounds on the road

At a loss of ever finding a way to lose weight? Here’s one man’s story on how he lost 100 pounds in just one year by making one simple and fun change in his everyday life.


They call him ‘Stan the Bike Man,” an amazing person who is showing America that even if you are severely obese that you can shed those pounds, save money, and help the environment all while having fun.

According to ABC affiliate station WGNO News in Provo, Utah, Stan Paulsen decided enough was more than enough when it came to his weight at age 50 and decided to take control of his life by ditching his car and riding his bicycle 20-30 miles a day while commuting to work.

“Working it in with my commute is just perfect… my legs, of course, feel much stronger, my heart and lungs, much better shape,” says Paulsen who is now 100 pounds lighter than when he began last year.

Here is a news video about his weight loss journey while on the road to and from work:

Before you decide on losing weight like Stan, here are some select bicycling health-related articles to help you get to a safe and healthy start pedaling those pounds away.

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