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Here’s How One Extraordinary Woman Lost Half Her Weight

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Tips from someone who lost half her weight

Weight loss does happen. Here’s how one extraordinary woman lost half of her weight in less than one year.


A recent NBC Today show episode featured a nearly impossible achievement for many dieters—losing half your weight in just one year. According to Today, 23-year old Simone Pretscherer of Auckland, New Zealand resolved to change her life after stepping on the scales for the first time in years and discovering that she weighed 372 pounds.

Here’s a slideshow video that showcases her transformation:

Here’s a summary of what Ms. Pretscherer did that made her a weight loss success:

1. Start small

"I knew I had to exercise, so I started with daily walks or swims," Pretscherer said. "I would go to the local pool and swim as many laps as I could in an hour. Or I'd walk for an hour."

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2. Cut out processed foods

"I really changed what I was eating and cut out processed foods — I cut out anything that came from a packet," explained Pretscherer. "I looked on blogs and websites for recipe inspiration!"

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3. Be realistic

"After eating high-sugar content foods, regular food didn't taste as fun," Pretscherer recounted. "It took about three months to retrain my body to really learn what food tastes like." But she stuck with it!

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4. Find your motivation

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For Pretscherer, social media was a huge motivator.
"On days when I could not be bothered to go to the gym, seeing a message of inspiration on Facebook or Instagram would push me to get moving," she said. "My followers have no idea how much they give to me!"

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5. Set small goals throughout your journey

"I couldn't focus on the huge number of weight I needed to lose," Pretscherer said. "Instead, I bought a pair of size 16 jeans and hung them up in my wardrobe. I'd look at them every day. The day I could actually put them on was HUGE. It was a big moment for me!"

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6. Set your mind to it

Pretscherer’s biggest tip for people who want to lose weight: "Don't put it off. Set your mind to it and you can achieve it. Make it a lifestyle change instead of a diet. Opt for little changes you can stick with," she said.

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7. Celebrate your successes

In just 11 months, Pretscherer hit her goal weight, and she threw a party to celebrate.
"It was an achievement I had set my mind to, in a time period I dreamed about doing it in. I had to celebrate with my family and friends!"

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Image courtesy of Pixabay