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Has Your Weight Loss Stalled? Fix it with This Easy Advice Related to Metabolism

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Weight regain blamed on metabolic adaptation

Here’s one important reason why your weight loss has stalled and those pounds are beginning to creep back, that can be fixed with this latest advice.


According to a recent news report from NBC affiliate station WJHG, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic tell us that there are several factors that impact a person's ability to keep weight off for good. One of which that is particularly important is the factor that has to do with a person’s metabolic rate and how it adjusts as you begin dieting and exercising and taking off those first few pounds.

"Because you start losing weight, and the basic metabolic rate goes down from 2,000 to 1,600, so unless you burn 400 calories extra exercising or you eat 400 calories less, you will not be able to continue to lose weight," says Dr. Bartolome Burguera of the Cleveland Clinic.

This change in resting metabolic rate is referred to as “metabolic adaptation”―a survival mechanism where the human brain protects the body from starvation―and one reason why weight loss reality TV contestants were recently found to regain much if not all of their lost weight. See why the biggest loser winners and contestants gain weight after the show.

Here’s a news video that explains what is happening when you lose those first few pounds:

How to Fix Your Metabolic Adaptation Problem

Possibly the best way to fix your metabolic adaptation problem is to follow Dr. Dr. Burguera’s advice and not look at weight loss as one one-and-done approach, but as a chronic condition.

"I think we need to understand that obesity is a chronic disease. So in order to treat a chronic condition, you have to offer chronic therapies. So trying to become very physically active, eat very little amount of calories-that's short term. You cannot do that long term," says Dr. Burguera.

And best way to tackle a long term weight management is to use a sensible five-tool approach of:

appetite control

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physical activity

healthy diet

stress management

adequate sleep

that has been recommended by many health and weight loss experts.

For more about how to manage that metabolic adaptation, here are how some successful weight loss achievers keep those lost pounds from coming back:

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