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Go Down One Skirt Size with These 3 Tips and Save Your Breasts

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Do you tend to gauge whether you are fit or fat based on the bathroom scale? As it turns out, your skirt size may be more indicative of your health based on a new study that shows that when skirt sizes change, so does a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.


So how can you get a slimmer waistline and help prevent breast cancer at the same time? Try these 3 tips by Health magazine that they say will help you shrink your waistline and go down a skirt size.

Scientists are uncovering increasing evidence that indicates that one of the biggest risk factors behind developing breast cancer is the presence of belly fat that surrounds the abdominal organs.

In a recent study published in BMJ Open, researchers found that one fairly accurate measure of whether a woman is gaining abdominal fat is the need to shop for skirts with a bigger waistline. However, more importantly, the study shows evidence that with an increasing waist, a woman is also developing an increased risk of breast cancer.

The researchers estimate that an increase in one skirt size every 10 years between 25 and after menopause (over 60) is associated with a 33 percent increase in your developing breast cancer after menopause―77 percent if its 2 dress sizes per 10 years!

To help women go back to their previous skirt sizes, Health magazine recently offered these 3 following tips for a slimmer waist:

Slimmer Waist Tip #1: Do more than cardio

According to Health magazine, while a daily run or Zumba class is great for your heart, cardio alone won’t do much toward making a smaller waist. Writer Leslie Barrie quotes Sangeeta Kashyap, MD, an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic who recommends that, “You need to do a combination of weights and cardiovascular training.”

The benefit of adding weight training to the cardio workout is that it will build needed muscle mass that will help the body burn more fat than by cardio alone. Plus, it increases your overall resting metabolic rate as well so that you will burn more fat even while resting.

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Slimmer Waist Tip #2: Pick planks, not crunches

Still a misconception held by many, you can’t spot reduce fat around the abdomen by doing mega-amounts of crunches. Rather, exercise and fitness experts recommend doing functional type exercises that work the core. Working the abdominals, back, pelvic, obliques and other body areas as well, means more calories burned and more overall muscle mass being built up.

Slimmer Waist Tip #3: Cut your stress

Too much stress makes weight loss extremely difficult. Not only will you be more likely to reach for comfort foods when stressed, but increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol makes your existing fat cells store even more fat and grow larger—especially around the abdomen as belly fat.

To help lower your stress (and your cortisol levels), here is some stress-reducing advice from ShareCare for those who live in one of America’s 10 most stressed out cities.

For more on slimming your waistline so that you can go back to your smaller skirt size, here is some useful info on how you can lose 500 fat calories a day with this 1new fiber supplement.

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