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Get French-Slim with These Tips for Weight Loss

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Frensh weight loss

Do you ever wonder how so many French women stay slim in a country known for cooking everything in butter? According to a recent article in Shape magazine online, LeBootCamp owner, author and fitness expert Valerie Orsoni says that part of being French-slim is living each day with these following tips for weight loss.


Shape magazine writer Sara Angle tells us that it’s really not a life of croissants and cappuccinos for French women who are famously thin. According to Ms. Angle, LeBootCamp health expert Valerie Orsoni―a Parisian native and founder of her popular weight-loss program and author of “LeBootCamp Diet: The Scientifically-Proven French Method to Eat Well, Lose Weight, and Keep it Off” ―attributes successful weight loss and maintenance by focusing your dieting attention not only on dieting, and exercise, but also on controlling your stress and managing your sleep.

As examples of what she believes can help you lose weight and keep it off by following her LeBootCamp diet plan, here are 5 tips that Shape magazine gleaned from her dieting advice on eating and living like a true Parisian.

Being French-slim Tip #1: Don’t think about fitness so much

According to Ms. Angle, the LeBootCamp diet plan recommends integrating simple get-fit tricks throughout the day that eventually become second nature and can result in an extra 400 more calories burned per day. Tricks like:

• Contracting your abs every time you walk through a doorway
• Squatting rather than sitting whenever you urinate
• Walking and talking at the same time; or, choosing to walk to someone rather than e-mailing them
• Doing 50 jumping jacks before breakfast

The point is to get yourself in the habit of incorporating as much movement as you can throughout the day rather than stressing about how you are going to fit in a one-hour workout at the gym.

Being French-slim Tip #2: Pay attention to portions

Rather than focus on denying yourself forbidden foods, recognize that you can eat what you truly like as long as you practice portion control. For example, limit your meat to the size of a deck of cards and a serving of cheese or other dairy products to half of that, while filling up on veggies. Compared to France, portions in the U.S. are nearly twice as large. When at a restaurant, learn how to divide your meal into appropriate size portions and eschew the rest. Indulgent sweets are okay as long as it’s just a small sampling.

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Being French-slim Tip #3: Pay attention to glycemic load

According to Shape, popular French foods are naturally low glycemic. A French-slim woman would dine on:

• A buckwheat pancake with strawberry jam or a fruit and yogurt for breakfast.
• A leek salad, grilled fish or meat, and a very small portion of French fries for lunch.
• A scallion omelet and side salad for dinner followed by a pear for dessert.

Being French-slim Tip #4: Don’t rely on supplements

Ms. Angle quotes Ms. Orsoni as explaining that supplements are truly unnecessary when you can get all of your vitamins and minerals from eating whole foods. “French women don’t believe in taking extra supplements or quick fix diet pills. They know a magic pill is too good to be true,” says Orsoni as quoted for Shape.

Being French-slim Tip #5: Leave work at work and your phone in another room

As one of the pillars of the LeBootCamp diet plan, controlling your stress and managing your sleep is as equally important as diet and exercise. Too much stress from problems at the office and a lack of sleep will affect your hormone production that in turn could sabotage your weight loss efforts. For example, high levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been shown to lead to increased belly fat accumulation.

So to effectively manage your stress and sleep, leave work at work, and leave your smart phone outside of the bedroom to reduce the temptation to periodically check it when you should be sleeping instead.

For more details about how to become French-slim, check out the referenced article in Shape magazine online. And, for more tips about weight loss, here is some advice by Deepak Chopra on portion control and how to gauge how empty (or full) you really are before reaching for that next bite.

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