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Free University Study Looking for Volunteers Who Want to Lose Their Belly Fat

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Losing belly fat

Are you looking for the latest help in getting rid of existing belly fat or preventing belly fat from accumulating on your body? Here is a new opportunity through a university study looking for volunteers who want to lose their belly fat - for free.


It’s a fact of life - menopause leads to the accumulation of belly fat. However, Tulane endocrinologist Dr. Franck Mauvais-Jarvis believes that estrogen is the fountain of youth and is telling the public that supplemental estrogen following menopause is an underused hormone that his studies show can prevent belly fat - possibly even while on a fattening diet!

"You need it until the day you die because the estrogen is a very powerful hormone to protect the tissues against all the degeneration of aging," states Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis, who adds explaining that the reason why many women are not getting supplemental estrogen when they need it is because of fears of developing breast or uterine cancer.

Those fears are based on a nearly 15-year-old Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study that some health experts believe was poorly designed and has led to making physicians reluctant to prescribe supplemental estrogen for their patients. The current view among these experts is that supplemental estrogen of the correct type has benefits that outweigh the health risks.

Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis believes that the key to choosing the right type of supplemental estrogen is the using the type that targets tissues other than the breast and uterus.

"We need to be able to send estrogen to the brain, to the bone, to the skin―just to take example―to the vessels, because it's good for the vessels, but away from the breast and uterus. We need to target estrogen to the good tissues and away from the bad tissues," he stated for CBS news affiliate station WWLTV.

One of the potential estrogen supplements is “Duavee”―an FDA approved hormone supplement that provides estrogen without the problematical progestin side effects.

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"There have been a good number of clinical studies in postmenopausal women showing that it's the most efficient drug to date to suppress hot flashes. It has a very beneficial effect on bone density," Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis said.

Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis has been testing the drug on menopausal mice, which were fed junk food and a fattening diet. He found that the hormone-fed mice became leaner in comparison to mice that were given the same diet, but without the supplemental estrogen hormone treatment. Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis believes that the same results may be achieved in menopausal women, with the added benefit of preventing diabetes.

"We believe it's going to be a very, very novel development in postmenopausal therapy," says Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis.

Currently, two free studies lasting 8 weeks and three months respectively, using hormonal therapy are available for overweight and obese women, 50 to 60 years old who are currently not on hormones or diabetes medication. Selected volunteers will be compensated for their time.

To find out more details about the studies and if you are eligible, call Tulane Health Sciences Center at 504-988-0200/504-988-0200 or Pennington Biomedical Research Center at 225-763-3000/225-763-3000.

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Would like to lose weight
Really interested. Struggling with weight since 30years ago and losing hope. I have hypertension and diabetic, also having sleep problem.