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Four Secrets to Tackle the Biggest Weight Loss Hurdles as You Age

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In his current show Doctor Oz discusses a weight loss plan that will help to lose 40 pounds of weight before spring, but one needs to overcome four hurdles to achieve this goal.


“Losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint. And as you age, you will encounter four big hurdles,” says Dr. Oz in his “Lose 40 pounds by spring” weight loss plan for viewers. Dr. Oz with guest speaker and Weight Watchers leader Liz Josefberg, reveal to viewers four secrets on how to tackle the biggest weight loss hurdles a person faces as they age.

Dr. Oz begins by explaining to his viewers that his decision to partner his show with Weight Watchers is due to the success Weight Watchers achieves toward helping people lose weight. He promises that by following the four secrets he and Ms. Josefberg will discuss about how to tackle the biggest weight loss hurdles, that each viewer can achieve a weight loss of up to 40 pounds—giving them the body that they desire by spring.

However, meeting the challenges of achieving weight loss differs for different age groups. Ms. Josefberg explains that all the people she meets in Weight Watchers fall into categories where difficulties in achieving weight loss can differ—in particular, for women in their 40’s whose bodies are changing and who are finding it more difficult to lose weight.

“In the 40’s I hear about these physical changes where it just feels like Wow! These things are mounting against me. And, I don’t want to put myself first anymore for my own health and wellbeing,” says Ms. Josefberg. She admits that even for herself as she ages that she is finding it difficult to prevent weight gain; that it takes two days instead of one day to recover from a workout; and, how that priorities change with kids in school, when sometimes she will have to cut her workouts short.

Aging and lifestyle changes that affect weight loss are the focus of what Dr. Oz says are his practical weight loss methods designed for tackling the biggest weight loss hurdles.

“My goal for everybody out there that is that you are going to lose no more than 1 or 2 pounds every week. That’s between 4-8 pounds a month. If you stick to it—doing the math pretty simply—by this spring you will be 40 pounds lighter. And you know what the beauty of this saw is? The slower that you can gently edge that weight off, the more difficult it is to regain it,” says Dr. Oz.

The first step toward weight loss that Dr. Oz advises viewers to follow is about tackling that first hurdle that affects so many women in their 40’s—their metabolism.

Hurdle #1: As you age your metabolism slows down
“As a woman ages, for every decade, you will lose about 5 percent of your metabolism. That’s a big difference, a huge difference in the ability of your body to lose weight,” explains Dr. Oz. “If you eat the same things at 40 as you did were when you were 25, you are going to gain a lot of weight.”

As an example of what is going on with a woman’s body, Dr. Oz shows a chart that illustrates resting metabolic rates of an average woman as she ages:

• At age 20 a woman has a metabolic rate that burns 1572 calories
• At age 30 a woman has a metabolic rate that burns 1525 calories
• At age 40 a woman has a metabolic rate that burns 1478 calories
• At age 50 a woman has a metabolic rate that burns 1431 calories
• At age 60 a woman has a metabolic rate that burns 1384 calories

The 200 calorie difference between a woman’s 20’s and her 60’s translates into 20 extra pounds of weight gain in a year states Dr. Oz. To tackle the metabolism hurdle, Dr. Oz says that we need to make smarter food choices at meal times with “Triple Power Meals.”

Triple power meals as explained by Ms. Josefberg, are meals that are higher in fiber, higher in water and higher in lean protein. The result of these triple power meals is that they leave you feeling fuller.

“At every meal you are going to try to do three things. You are going to try to get into a low fat dairy, a lean protein and a whole grain,” says Ms. Josefberg.

Examples of triple power meals for a day include the following dishes:

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• A breakfast meal that consists of an omelet with veggies, a whole grain English muffin and low-fat milk in a latte.

• A lunch that consists of a whole wheat tortilla wrap with a lean protein and low-fat cheese inside. “You can bulk it up with as many vegetables as you want,” advises Ms. Josefberg.

• A dinner dish that consists of a cup of brown rice, grilled chicken, a low-fat cheese with salsa; and again, as many vegetables as you want.

Hurdle #2: You are hungrier because of your hormones
“The brain is secreting hormones, especially when you feel stressed, you are not sleeping enough and things are happening, that turns on the adrenal glands that secret hormones,” says Dr. Oz. “Those hormones go into your body and turn fat cells into these sort of gargantuan, growing marshmallows. Those growing fat cells, they begin to release their own hormones and those hormones send very clear messages that you are hungry to your body. And you overeat. The fat cells then begin to take over the muscle. You literally lose muscle mass and you get that pad of fat, that little pouch…that’s the scientific description of why the stress that you feel, the difficulty you have sleeping, the challenges that you are experiencing that are unrelated to food—that drive up your hunger,” explains Dr. Oz.

To counter your hormones, Dr. Oz tells his viewers that you need to automate your hunger by “souper” sizing your day.

Ms. Josefberg explains that “souper” sizing your day means that the first thing you do when you come home feeling stressed and hungry is that rather than going for a snack, you should instead begin your dinner by warming up a cup of previously made vegetable soup to eat. “You are going to use this as your secret weapon…it’s going to fill you up, it’s full of zero points plus fruits and vegetables, which are high on fiber, high in water,” she says.

“People who start their meals with soups, will eat 30 percent less food,” adds Dr. Oz.

A second way to automate your hunger is to freeze your hunger with frozen fruit kabobs states Dr. Oz. Fruit is full of fiber and water, but because it is frozen, it also makes you eat slower explains Ms. Josefberg as she shows the audience samples of frozen fruit kabobs.

Hurdle #3: The loss of muscle mass
As women age, they lose muscle mass twice as fast as men do says Dr. Oz. He refers to this as sarcopenia, which is the degenerative loss of muscle with aging. The key to reversing this muscle loss is to rebuild the lost muscle. To rebuild muscle that does not require a gym membership or involves a difficult exercise routine, Dr. Oz offers two simple muscle-building workouts:

1. Tennis ball workout—the tennis ball workout involves two separate movements. The first is to pass a tennis ball from one hand to the other by lifting alternating legs and passing the ball underneath the lifted leg for 10 minutes non-stop. The second movement is more muscle-building where the individual does 50 squats placing the ball on the floor and then picking it up, repeating the 50-squat sets two to three times. “If you can do those routines for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you will build back your muscle mass,” says Dr. Oz.

2. Jump rope workout—the jump rope workout is done while on a walk. It involves walking for 6 minutes, then stopping to jump rope for two minutes followed by swinging the jump rope in front of the body in a figure-8 pattern for two minutes. This creates a 10-minute routine that you repeat 3 times for a 30-minute workout during a walk.

Hurdle #4: Your sweet tooth
“You get to eat dessert every night,” promises Dr. Oz as he presents the last hurdle, which is how to deal with cravings for sweets. “How do you get people to eat dessert every night and still lose 40 pounds?” Dr. Oz asks Ms. Josefberg.
“You have to feel not deprived, because if you feel deprived then you are going to fall off the plan—right? So we’ve worked in kind of an allowance there, so that you can actually get in dessert every night if you want to.” The desserts worked in the plan described by Ms. Josefberg are called “The Three Decadent Fruit Desserts.”

• Decadent fruit dessert #1: Mixed berry crumble. Mixed berry crumble consists of 5 ingredients—flour, two types of berries, brown sugar and melted butter. The flour and brown sugar are mixed together, followed by the melted butter to make the crumble part of the dish. Then the crumble is poured over the berries in a baking dish and baked for about 10 minutes in an oven.

• Decadent fruit dessert #2: Chocolate banana wontons. Chocolate banana wontons consist of wonton wrappers, chopped up bananas and mini-chocolate chips. Mix the bananas with the chocolate chips, place one teaspoonful of the mix in a wonton wrapper, fold over and seal the wonton edges with a water-moistened finger and then bake for a few minutes. Four wontons are allowed as a serving.

• Decadent fruit dessert #3: Strawberry-mango smoothie. A Strawberry-mango smoothie consists of four ingredients—frozen or fresh strawberries, honey, mango juice and low-fat yogurt. “You just throw it into a blender and blend it up...I actually make it in the morning. I drink half of it and put the other half in the freezer. And when I get home from work, I eat that as my decadent dessert,” says Ms. Josefberg.

Both Dr. Oz and Ms. Josefberg end their four secrets for tackling the biggest weight loss hurdles as you age by pointing out that one key to preparing the soups and the desserts is to make large batches ahead of time and freeze portions away. Doing so will save you time and energy and will make it easier to continue to follow through with eating these dishes as part of your dieting habit toward achieving the body that you desire.



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