Former Overweight MD Has Novel Approach Toward Helping His Patients Lose Weight

Weight loss results from novel method

An MD who used to be overweight has developed a novel one-two punch approach toward helping his patients lose weight.


Prepackaged meals and instant feedback―that’s the one-two punch approach that a formerly overweight M.D. found that is helping his patients lose weight.

According to a recent CBS affiliate station WWL-TV news report in New Orleans, Dr. Sasson Moulavi developed this novel weight loss combo approach based in part on his experience of having once been overweight and in part on helping his patients achieve better health that is reliant on their ability to lose weight.

Dr. Moulavi’s experience with being overweight gave him a firsthand understanding of what it means to be overweight and the problems it can cause such as having to go up a flight of stairs. While in med school and training as an emergency room physician, Dr. Moulavi was 45 pounds heavier than he is today.

"Sometimes we would have a code on one of the floors and I'd have to take the stairs. We were not allowed to take the elevator. And I'd be so out of breath, by the time I got to the floor, that the code was on, the cardiac arrest was on, I couldn't yell out the names of the drug, a nurse would have to do it for me. It was very embarrassing," said Moulavi the Medical Director of Smart for Life® Weight Management Centers headquartered in Boca Raton.

Overtime, Dr. Moulavi managed to drop that excess weight and today is showing other doctors his approach that is having promising results: prepackaged meals that he prepares for his patients to help them control their eating, and instant feedback via an electronic analyzer that lets patients see how they are doing and what they need to do to achieve better health.

The benefits of this one-two punch approach is that it addresses the failures of traditional diet and exercise advice doled out by physicians that had little or limited impact once the patient left the examination room.


"One of the number one things I've learned is that unless the doctor is giving the meals to the patient, right out of the office just like you would medication, the failure rate is very high."

This realization led him to begin prescribing special prepackaged foods, educating diabetics on how they can get off of insulin, and providing easily available instant feedback with a health analyzer that lets patients and their doctors know how well—or poorly—they are progressing.

This source of instant feedback comes from the non-invasive RM-3A Series Analytical System from Renua Medical. The RM-3A is an FDA cleared medical device that performs a range of tests that analyzes multiple organ systems and provides a report that shows patients seven dangerous risk factors including stress levels, nerve damage and cardiovascular damage.

The point of having feedback is that it helps keep dieters on track, motivating them to stick with their diet and weight loss program using the analyses as a reminder and personal scorecard.

For more about how the RM-3A Series Analytical System works, here is a YouTube video showing one in action.

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