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Forget Wine - This Cocktail Prevents Winter Heart Attacks

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New York, NY - Most deaths from heart attacks occur on three days: Christmas, the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day. While many news articles talk about the benefits toward cardiac health by drinking red wine, this holiday season Dr. Oz offers an alternative drink. Forget what you’ve heard about alcohol, here is a cocktail he says that can prevent a heart attack in your family this holiday season.

Family stress during the holidays, mistaking chest pain for indigestion, and abrupt changes in physical activity such as shoveling snow are all factors that increase the odds that you or someone you love will have a heart attack this holiday season.

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“Stress, cold weather and changes in routine can all contribute to a winter heart attack,” says Dr. Oz. “Cold weather is a significant threat to your health. Studies have shown that for every 2 degrees the temperature drops, 200 more people have a heart attack nationwide. It’s that much of a correlation,” says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz explains that when it is cold that the blood circulating is actually a little thicker, making it more difficult for the heart to beat. “The thickness difference causes a problem, because that can get stuck inside your heart and the blood vessels that perfuse it,” says Dr. Oz. “And that can lead to all kinds of problems. So the first way that may help prevent a winter heart attack is a pretty simple one—it’s a heart attack prevention cocktail.”

The recipe for his heart attack prevention cocktail is very simple and consists of ingredients that are known for their healthy heart properties. Dr. Oz’s recipe consists of filling half a shot glass with cranberry juice, the other half with flaxseed oil and then adding 4 drops of the liquid sweetener stevia. Dr. Oz explains that the cranberry juice is full of antioxidants that helps fight off stressors in your blood vessels and that the liquid form of stevia helps relax the blood vessels. “Take this cocktail in the morning and it’ll be in your system all day long,” says Dr. Oz.

So, rather than imbibing in wine this holiday season, try Dr. Oz’s winter heart attack preventing cocktail. Furthermore, Dr. Oz also reminds us to continue another heart saving method: “Don’t forget to take your two aspirins—you can take your aspirins at night… and the two combined together can help reduce the chances of this thickened heart fluid causing problems,” advises Dr. Oz.