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Follow These 9 Steps to Weight Loss Success Recommended by Dr. Oz

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Weight loss tip by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz tells Woman’s Day readers that keeping up your motivation toward weight loss is all about building healthy habits that will stay with you for life by adopting simple changes to your daily routine. To help readers get started on integrating those healthy habits right now, the following is a summary of Dr. Oz’s 9 steps to weight loss success that can turn simple everyday acts into healthy lifetime habits.

Weight loss success step #1: Carry healthy snacks with you

Hunger pains happen at the worst of times—when you are away from home and near a vending machine that serves salty, fat and calorie-laden treats. To avoid this temptation, Dr. Oz recommends carrying healthy snacks with you at all times such as nuts, carrot sticks or even a whole orange to fight those cravings and temptations.

One of Dr. Oz’s favorite portable snacks is spicy chickpea popcorn that is easily made by mixing a 15-ounce can of rinsed chickpeas with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and ½ teaspoon of red pepper flakes followed by baking in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-45 minutes.

Weight loss success step #2: Start pacing

Little bits of activity add up over time is the message Dr. Oz points to in this step. His recommendation is to use a headset or speaker phone during calls and make it a habit to do some light resistance exercises like lunges and squats during each call.

Weight loss success step #3: Give yourself visual reminders

Having a visual reminder like an article of clothing that it is your goal to fit into or a keepsake that reminds you of how you see yourself when you’ve reached your weight loss goal is a great motivational habit for weight loss success.

Weight loss success step #4: Eat metabolism-boosting foods

Simple foods like oolong tea during a break or red pepper flakes sprinkled over your meals can boost your metabolism and result in more calories burned daily.

Weight loss success step #5: Move—don’t sit—with friends

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We sit too much as it is. To make time for friends and incorporate a little exercise too, consider turning a meet-and-greet with a friend with into a walk-and-talk with a to-go cup of coffee that will not only burn calories, but boost you and your friend's moods.

Weight loss success step #6: Shout (or post) it out

Research has shown that when people tell others about their goals that this actually helps keep them focused on the goal and completing it. Dr. Oz says that you can do this with friends at home and work, or in your virtual worlds of Facebook and Twitter.

Weight loss success step #7: Fill 2/3 of your plate with veggies

Not only more nutritious than other types of foods, veggies will keep you filled better and with fewer calories. Make it a habit to start off your meals by filling your plate up to 2/3 full with a good selection of fresh vegetables.

Weight loss success step #8: Commit to a future goal

Use your calendar to schedule planned outings with friends such as 5K walks and runs or exercise get-togethers and play dates to help keep you motivated and committed toward reaching your weight loss goal. Putting it down on paper is more likely to cause you to follow through than a vague, “Let’s get together sometime next week for…” plan.

Weight loss success step #9: Team up with your doctor

Make it a habit to see your doctor on a regular schedule so that the both of you will be on track with your weight loss progress with each visit.

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Reference: “Dr. Oz’s 9 Steps to Success” Woman’s Day June 2013 issue