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Flatten Your Stomach with this New Belly Fat and Bloat Oz Advice

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Flat stomach tip from Dr. Oz

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel so bloated that you are convinced that you had all of a sudden put on 10 extra pounds? According to Dr Oz you need not panic, because that bloating could be just that—bloat, rather than belly fat.

“It’s your most common complaint―bloating. But today there’s a brand new book that’s going to change everything that you thought you knew about bloat and how to flush it out,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces special guest Robynne Chutka a gastroenterologist, founder of the Digestive Center for Women and author of the a belly bloat book titled “Gutbliss―A 10-Day Plan to Ban Bloat, Flush Toxins, and Dump Your Digestive Baggage.”

The Jeans Test: Is it bloating or is it fat?

One test for whether you are experiencing belly bloat or have just gained some extra belly fat is through a simple “jeans test.” To take the jeans test, just note whether or not you can fit into a specific pair of jeans in the morning each day when you wake up. Put the jeans away for the day and then later take that same pair of jeans and put it on 12 hours later. If you suffer from belly bloat, the jeans will be significantly tighter at night than they were in the morning. By the next morning the jeans should fit again; however, if not—then its fat gained.

Causes of Belly Bloat

You may be thinking that your bloating comes from eating too much, but guess what—you could be totally wrong,” says Dr. Chutka who explains there are many causes behind why women in particular suffer from belly bloat:

• Women have five more inches of colon than men do that results in more space for gas and food to buildup and have to process though.

• Women have curvier digestive tracts than men, which means that it is more difficult for air to pass through resulting in increased trapping of air in the digestive tract which manifests as significant belly bloating.

• A chewing gum habit to curb appetite that results in more air swallowed and entering the digestive tract.

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• Talking on the phone for long periods that like chewing gum adds more air to the stomach and lower digestive tract.

• Drinking sports drinks filled with natural sugars and/or artificial sweeteners after exercising.

Beating Belly Bloat

Fortunately however, Dr. Chutka says that you can beat your belly bloat by using some of the following recommendations as examples of the many that she offers in her book:

• Chewable bloat busters: Dr. Chutka recommends that you can beat the bloat by eating crystalized ginger chews and fennel seeds before every meal. Both are known for their shared properties of relaxing the digestive tract and melting gas away.

• Unsweetened coconut water: Drinks sweetened with natural sugars such as fructose or with artificial sweeteners are fermented in the gut which then leads to increased gas buildup. Dr. Chutka recommends replacing sports drinks with unsweetened coconut water as a great way to hydrate the body without the gas.

• Flip your lunch and dinner: Dr. Chutka explains that one surprising finding is that our digestive tract becomes stalled during the nighttime due to cues from sunlight as it increases in the morning and decreases at night. When we eat the majority of our calories at dinner combined with less digestion taking place in the gut at night, the result is increased bloating as well as weight gain that can contribute to belly fat. Her recommendation is to reverse your lunch and dinner meals by eating dinner at noon and lunch during the early evening hours.

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I have been working very hard running 2 or three days out of the week walk 5 days a week run about a 1 mile walk about a mile 1/2 5 days and do some cardial as well testing low carbs no sodas have too much process crime scene losing around my waist and my stomach
I need to lose ten lbs in a week for my husbands bday!!! Help!! What can i do??
I have suffered many of years with gas issues and a lot of it. So bad that I had to be taken to the emergency room twice for it. I have almost passed out many times from it. I never passed out but I have collapsed, shaking in all parts of my body, sweating, and dizziness. The hospital told me the same thing the two times I went that I was consumed with gas. It's not bad like that no more but I still have issues with gas. I have issues with constipation as well, I get relief with coffee. I drink water but it doesn't always work unless I drink it constantly all day everyday. Gas is more of an issue than constipation. Gas issues have been going on for over 8 years. Any advice to help, would greatly appreciate it!