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Fixes for Your Knee Pain without Surgery Testifies Dr. Oz about His Own Knee Pain

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Knee pain treatment without surgery

How many of us have friends or someone we know who has had knee pain treated with knee surgery? Were they better off afterwards? A new study and testimony by Dr. Oz on his own knee pain reveals that 3 treatments for your knee pain without surgery is the real solution for literally millions of people who suffer from knee pain.

“It’s one of the most common conditions that may be the cause of your serious knee pain. But what if I told you that the number one treatment for this injury is no better at relieving any pain than a fake operation,” poses Dr. Oz as he tells viewers about his knee pain and what he discovered.

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that a common source of knee pain originates from the small region of cartilage called the meniscus that is part of the knee between the upper and lower leg bones. When a small tear develops in the meniscus it can cause sensations of shooting pain in the knee and throughout the leg that can range from just being an occasional nuisance to becoming a debilitating injury.

“If this material [the cartilage] gets injured because you hyperextended your knee or bent your knee from one side to the other, you can get little tears here,” says Dr. Oz who adds that the job of the meniscus is to act as a cushion in the knee between the upper and lower leg bones.

However, with aging, injury, overuse or disease, the cartilage becomes increasingly fragile that can then become frayed and worn out and lose its cushioning effect. When that happens, bone rubs against bone in the knee causing an ulceration to form on the bone and manifest as serious pain.

But in many cases before you get to the point where bone meets bone, the cartilage tears into flaps that can make contact with the bone where it should not, and wind up being the cause of your pain.

So what’s the solution to your knee pain if this is happening to you? Most people go to a surgeon to have knee surgery done. But not Dr. Oz! Dr. Oz tells viewers that he has had severe knee pain in the past and after watching one being done decided that this was not the way to have his knee problems solved.

Dr. Oz reveals that a study was done where knee patients were told that they had undergo knee surgery—but did not receive the actual surgery—to determine whether surgery was really helping with their knee pain issues or if it was more of a placebo effect.

“The results were stunning to us all,” says Dr. Oz.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Lisa Gemmel, Clinical Director of Brill Physical Therapy, who explains that what was discovered in the comparison between knee surgery patients who got the actual surgery and those who got the fake surgery is that the fake surgery patients had the same exact results as the patients who got surgery.

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“That’s why I didn’t have my procedure. Because when I saw how crazy this procedure looked, I thought, is that really going to work for me?! And experts are predicting that the number of these surgeries is going to be cut in half…The reality is that physical therapy is what we need for our knees when we have pain,” says Dr. Oz.

To help people deal with their knee pain non-surgically, Ms. Gemmel and Dr. Oz tell viewers that they need to first try the following 3 exercises to stabilize and strengthen the knees for people who want to prevent a knee injury and for those who already have knee problems:

Knee Strengthening Exercise #1: Do the clam

To perform this exercise to strengthen the gluteal muscles that play an important role in knee health, lie on your side resting on your elbow with your knees bent and your ankles together. Then, open your legs at the knees pivoting on your ankles so that your legs open and close in a clam shell-like fashion. Do 15 reps holding the calm shell open for a count of 3-5 seconds each time.

Knee Strengthening Exercise #2: Straight leg raises

This exercise strengthens the muscles on the front of the thighs that also helps support the knees. To perform this exercise start by sitting on your backside holding your upper body up by resting on your elbows. Have one leg with the foot planted and the knee bent up. The other leg is stretched out straight with toes pointed up. Raise the stretched out leg 6-10 inches and hold for 2 counts and then lower the leg. Do 15 reps and repeat with other leg. If this becomes too easy, you can prop yourself up on your hands to make this exercise more taxing.

Knee Strengthening Exercise #3: The ballet move

This exercise works on the arches of the feet, which also helps support the knees. To perform this exercise, start by standing up straight with heels together and then lift yourself up on your toes keeping your heels together. Hold for a count of 6 and do 15 reps.

“I did these kinds of activities when I hurt my knee, and I never had the operation, and I can do anything I want to do now―and I am not alone. I think that this is an opportunity that many of us can have if we are limping around,” says Dr. Oz.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



I am 70 years old, at times get sudden attack hip cramps, severe pain, feel complete bed ridden. If possible please advice.I am pure vegetarian .
I hurt my knee playing soccer about a year ago.but continued to play soccer with that injured knee until i couldnt bear the pain anymore. my knee got swollen but now its come down a little bit,i hear clicking or popping sound in my knee when i bend it. I can fine without problems but it pains me a lot when i start to run with. Please help as my knee is my source of livelihood because i am a footballer n i havent played football over a year.please i need your help urgently
Samuel: We cannot help you here or give you treatment advice. You definitely need to have your doctor evaluate and refer you to a specialist is needed. Best to you.
i learned a lot about knee pain and gaining weight.
they neglect to mention 2 thing (1) the study was done on people that had a degenerative instead of a traumatic tear and (2) that the people who "did not have surgery" did have a procedure where they made an incision and flushed out the knee. However ..no matter I do feel that surgical intervention should be a last resort as I also know someone who had meniscus tear surgery and the pain never got better. Suggest seeing an Osteopath with a specialization in Sport Medicine. They are not surgeons who will put you on the fastest conveyor belt into the OR.
See, this is why I respect Dr. Oz, he not only tells you that surgery is not always the answer but even gives you ways to strengthen your knees, naturally! Also, the fact that placebo effects are ran as test trials shows you that your thoughts do matter! Instead of giving energy to the hurtful knee, say to yourself everyday that it's healing and getting stronger, we can do this people!
I have bone on bone in my right knee.
I have developed pain just below the knee cap left leg when climbing stairs. After rest over night it goes away but after a couple of trips up stairs and it's back. Looking for possible therapy to try at home before making a trip to the doctor.
I had a torn a meniscus and floating bodies, was able to get the bodies out and meniscus heal. But I'm still having chronic knee pain. Did physical therapy and had to stop cause I was in so unhappy pain. Done MRI and X-ray and everything looks perfect. I take vitamins everyday for my joints. It's getting worse and I can't stand. I'm 26 and have a young family. What can I do?