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Fighting Belly and Butt Fat Requires Two Different Metabolism Meal Tactics Says Dr. Oz

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Fighting belly fat

Are you doing all the right things, but still cannot seem to get rid of your belly or butt fat? According to Dr. Oz, you have to eat for your body type in order to make that belly fat or butt fat melt away. In a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz tells viewers that you have to feed your body with two different metabolism meal tactics depending on the type of fat you want to lose.

“Your metabolism is based on your body type. Your body is genetically designed to respond to certain foods by directing where the fat settles,” says Dr. Oz as he explains that there are two body types where fat is stored: around your middle as belly fat and on your buttocks as butt fat.

Belly Fat Metabolism Meal Secret: Protein and Cinnamon

For fighting belly fat, Dr. Oz recommends that women go heavy on the protein and very light on the carbohydrates.

“For big women - big-in-the-middle women, in particular―half of your calories have to be from lean protein such as from chicken and fish,” says Dr. Oz adding that the remainder of your meal has to consist of vegetables. Furthermore, you can have only one small serving a day of starchy carbs such as rice or pasta.

Dr. Oz explains that the reason for this type of meal is that it works best for individuals with a metabolism type that allows fat to build up around their middle that is part of the omentum.

The omentum consists of two segments of tissue that surrounds the abdominal organ― primarily in front of the stomach and over the liver. These tissue segments are fat repositories that in thin people are typically transparent and lace-like. In obese people, however, the omentum greatly thickens with excess fat that leads to the development of inflammation in the body which then causes diabetes, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

“The biology of blubber dictates whether this [the omentum] grows or not. Empty carbs creates spikes in blood sugar that tells this fat to prosper and grow bigger,” says Dr. Oz explaining that eating lots of protein has the opposite effect on the omentum leading to loss of fat rather than gain of fat.

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Dr. Oz also recommends adding cinnamon to your meals whenever you can as a sugar substitute that will not only decrease the amount of sugar you eat, but has the added benefit of regulating your blood sugar more effectively to prevent additional abdominal fat storage.

Butt Fat Metabolism Meal Secret: Complex Carbs and Oregano

“The culprit when it comes to big bottoms [in women] is estrogen,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that unlike big belly people who should eat only a very small amount of carbs every day, big butt people should eat a relatively much higher amount of complex carbohydrates in every meal. “Almost three-quarters of your calories should come from complex carbohydrates,” advises Dr. Oz.

The remainder of your meal should be vegetables with only one serving a day of protein that comes from a lean source of meat such as chicken.

Dr. Oz explains that the problem with people of this body and metabolism type―due to their genetics―is that when they eat meals high in protein that typically contain fat, their estrogen causes the fat to be stored primarily in their buttocks. This is why some people have big butts over a big middle.

Aside from eating very little protein or dairy foods high in fat—but lots of complex carbohydrates—eating a common kitchen herb helps as well. Dr. Oz recommends integrating oregano in your meals because he explains that oregano is a phytoestrogen that actually helps control your body’s estrogen hormone levels and prevents too much fat in your diet from making its way to the butt.

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Image Source: The Dr. Oz Show website: Eat Right for Your Metabolism Type

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show