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Feel Better than Ever with Dr. Oz’s Top 5 New Energy Boosters

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Five tired women and 5 new energy boosters - an eclectic mix of fatigue types and remedies that Dr. Oz promises will make you feel better than ever toward solving your energy crisis.

“I am solving your energy crisis once and for all. I’ve custom designed my energy boosting hot list, and the best part is that it’s already been tested by five women just like you,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals the results of testing his top 5 new energy boosters.

Energy Booster #1: Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder is recommended for those fatigue types who start out the morning feeling energized enough when they first roll out of bed, but then within an hour or two begin a roller coaster cycle of ups and downs in energy levels throughout the day.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that this is one supplement he uses in his home to help keep his energy levels stabilized. It is essentially a low-sugar, pure protein supplement with added iron. The usefulness of pea protein powder is that unlike a breakfast filled with carbohydrates that cannot maintain energy stores in the body very long, pea powder protein is much longer lasting and will not add fat to your waist with excess calories.

“You want a ton of energy at the start of the day that will last you throughout the day,” says Dr. Oz who recommends taking pea powder protein either added to your yogurt or cereal or mixed as a smoothie and eating it within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning.

Energy Booster #2: Maca

“My next energy booster on my hot list is perfect for anyone who wants to just pop a pill and get an all-day energy boost,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers an energy boosting supplement he found while traveling in Peru—Maca.

Maca is radish-like vegetable grown in central Peru that is used by the local people to treat those who suffer from complaints of “tired blood” and chronic fatigue as well as a number of other conditions. Maca is believed to enhance your energy levels and increase both stamina and mental functioning.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that it is relatively inexpensive in health food stores and recommends taking 1,000 mg per day with breakfast to help prevent those mid-day energy slumps that occur just before lunch time.

Energy Booster #3: Dragon Fruit

“My next energy booster is for anyone who wants to try something new and exotic,” says Dr. Oz as he recommends dragon fruit as an energy booster that he calls a triple threat for fighting fatigue because dragon fruit is filled with Vitamin C, B vitamins and iron.

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“Those are the kinds of things that you need to convert food into fuel,” says Dr. Oz.

Dragon fruit has a tough reddish-colored outer skin and is eaten by slicing into sections and consuming the inner white flesh―seeds and all. One woman who tried the dragon fruit by eating ½ a fruit with each meal stated that by the third day of eating dragon fruit she felt a definite improvement in her energy levels and that it made her feel good.

Energy Booster #4: Watermelon Juice

Dr. Oz recommends watermelon because it is approximately 96% water and a great source of natural sugars that will add fewer calories to your day than drinking most other sweetened beverages. Furthermore, watermelon juice does a much better job of keeping you hydrated in comparison to caffeinated drinks that can act as a diuretic.

Used as a beverage, watermelon juice is a great substitute for energy depleted types who turn to caffeinated energy drinks to get through their energy slumps during the afternoon. Dr. Oz recommends making your own at home by running watermelon cubes through a blender and storing the processed fruit as a juice in the fridge the night before that you can then take with you to work the next day and drink it instead of coffee or some other caffeine-heavy beverages.

If you do not have watermelon on hand, you can make an apple-cinnamon energy drink in its stead.

Energy Booster #5: Beets

“I’m bringing back a staple that many of you have probably forgotten, but is a great energy booster—beets,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that why beets work so well as an energy booster is not only because they are filled with essential vitamins and minerals, but also that research has shown that beets improves blood flow in your circulatory system. With improved blood flow to the brain and to the rest of the body, you will feel more energized and better able to stave off afternoon energy slumps.

While beets can be eaten raw, they are significantly tastier when baked, broiled or roasted as a lunch time dish. Just one cup of beets a day will make you feel better states Dr. Oz. An added benefit of eating beets is that beet juice may lower blood pressure in people who are hypertensive.

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These are all good sources for energy. I noticed at the top of the list is protein powder. From some of the research I have done BCAA amino acids are a good way to store energy for workouts and a good site I use for information and new updates on protein is onthebestproteinpowder.com