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Dr. Oz's Penis Test for Male Menopause

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According to the Dr. Oz Show, male menopause is a hormonal condition that parallels some of the signs and symptoms women face during menopause. In his show, Dr. Oz offers a simple, overnight penis test to determine if you or someone you love may be suffering from male menopause.

In an episode titled, “Is Male Menopause Real?” Dr. Oz brings to his viewers the question of whether men also face a type of menopause just as women do. “A lot of folks don’t realize this, but symptoms of male and female menopause are real,” says Dr. Oz. “Women know that, but the male side has not been realized.”

In a demonstration of what goes on in both the male and female body, Dr. Oz exhibits ovaries and testes of both young and older individuals. He points out that in both sexes that the reproductive organs shrink as a person reaches menopause. With females, it is an abrupt change that occurs fairly quickly; whereas with males, it is a slower, more gradual change with the testes decreasing in size and resulting in less testosterone production.

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“The signs of male menopause are very different for men,” explains Dr. Oz. He states that men do experience hot flashes, weight gain, a low libido, increased concentration and mood swings. “All of this can happen at any time in your life. With women it’s usually more predictable. With guys it can happen at a lot of different times,” he says, indicating that the real difference between men and women regarding menopause symptoms has to do with when and at what rate men and women experience the same symptoms.

“So how do you know if you may be going through male menopause? Dr. Oz asks. “We’ll give you two really simple tests that you can do at home. The first is the erection overnight stamp test.” Dr. Oz explains that with shrinking testes, the testosterone levels drop and as a result a man will not have a morning erection. He says that to perform the test, you wrap a length of postage stamps—from a roll with perforations between the stamps—around your penis when you go to bed. If you wake up in the morning and find that the perforations have torn between the stamps, then this is evidence that you had an erection and that your testosterone levels are fine. If the stamps do not separate, however, then this indicates that your body is experiencing decreased levels of testosterone, which is one of the signs of male menopause.

A second test is noting how often you have to shave relative to your normal shaving habits. Dr. Oz says that with decreased testosterone levels, a man will have less facial hair growth and that the 5 o’clock shadow a man may typically have had by the end of the day is no longer there. “And for women…you will notice that you do not have to shave your legs as frequently, and this is one the first clues that we will look for, for a possible drop in levels of testosterone.”

To alleviate the symptoms of male menopause Dr. Oz recommends a Maca Root powder sold in health food stores that can be mixed into a drink. He also recommends talking to your physician about the possibility of using testosterone replacement therapy and points out that only until recently are people recognizing the problem of male menopause. “In the back of their mind, men should be recognizing whether they may be having a testosterone problem,” advises Dr. Oz.



Wow this is great information! I have a LOT of men asking me about male menopause & I am sure they'll find this article interesting.
This is misleading at best, and possibly dangerous. The stamp test, which has been around for decades, show a lack of erection during the night - IOW, ED. There are many causes of ED, and low T as a cause has not been clinically proven. In short, a man with plenty of T might not get an erection in his sleep, and a man with low T might.
I agree much of this is bunkum, if you think horome levels are declining the only way to check is with a blood test.