Dr. Oz's Number 1 Wrinkle Fighter Makes a Comeback and Targets Specific Areas of Your Face


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Aug 6 2013 - 1:16pm
Dr. Oz on Wrinkle Fighters

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz asked his audience viewers to take a marker and circle the one specific area of their face that they are the most concerned about when it comes to wrinkles and finding an anti-aging product that actually works.

“Today I’ve asked everyone to circle their worst wrinkle. The area they wished looked smoother and younger. I did it to help us to answer one big question—‘What’s the most important product you can use to target that spot you circled? Is it a moisturizer? Is it a lotion? Or is it something else?’ Well, the powerful anti-aging secret I want you all to use is…alpha hydroxy acid,” says Dr. Oz “They’re making a big comeback and we’re now learning that they fight the signs of aging deep under the skin.”

With Dr. Oz is special guest Jeannette Graf, MD a dermatologist who explains that alpha hydroxy acids are actually natural components of many foods we eat that because of their weak acidic properties can remove dead skin safely and effectively.

“There’s a lot of new research about alpha hydroxy acids. They are natural acids that are found in fruits and milk. And what they do is take the dead skin cell layers―which collects as we get older making our lines and wrinkles look deeper―and it removes them and renews the skin. Nothing works as effectively as an alpha hydroxy acid,” says Dr. Graf.

Dr. Oz adds that Cleopatra was known for taking sour milk baths that contained these alpha hydroxy acids that did their magic for her by gently exfoliating the dead skin away and revealing the newer, younger layers of skin that made her look younger. In addition, he tells viewers that alpha hydroxy acids used in cosmetics is not something new; but rather, an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle compound that is making a new comeback in the skincare industry.

Dr. Graf explains that what initially turned consumers away from alpha hydroxy acid-containing skin care products in the past was the fact that many women found them to dry-out the skin and cause irritation—especially in sensitive areas such as around the eyes. However, she states that new formulations of cosmetics containing alpha hydroxy acids are available today that have been perfected and have resolved the prior skin issues.

“They’re pretty safe to use…and all skin types can use them,” says Dr. Graf, adding that why women are having a hard time rediscovering the new formulations is because there are so many skincare products out there bombarding consumers that it is difficult to know what type to use.


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Dr. Graf tells viewers that she believes using alpha hydroxyl acid is a smarter way to exfoliate skin naturally and chemically using its gentle acidic properties rather than manually abrading the skin with other types of skincare products. Alpha hydroxy acid penetrates the upper dead layers of skin, weakening the anchors that hold dead skin cells together, which then allows the layer of dead skin cells to slough off, revealing smoother and more evenly pigmented underlying skin.

Dr. Oz points out that where many skincare products fail is that they do not penetrate below the dead skin cell layers to get to the younger cells that would benefit from some of the active ingredients in the skincare products that could so some good to the skin.


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