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Dr. Oz Discusses Top 3 Superfoods to Blast Belly Fat

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Miso good for flat belly

On a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals his top three superfoods that will blast away belly fat and also reveals a secret about metabolism with one of his superfoods that most people do not know about. His three superfood choices are inexpensive, good to eat at any time of the day and guaranteed to help you blast away your belly fat this holiday season.

Belly blasting superfood #1: Goldenberries
“Goldenberry is a really cool vegetable,” says Dr. Oz. “It comes in a whole form and in a dried form. Both of these help with bellies and it comes from Brazil. It has B complex vitamins in it; and B complex vitamins are essential for your metabolism. Put a little B vitamin in your diet and it’ll take you in the right direction,” says Dr. Oz.

Goldenberries is available at health food stores and special sections in some supermarkets and costs about $12 per package. Dr. Oz recommends that you eat one-quarter of a cup daily of Goldenberries to help fight belly fat. “You can snack on this instead of some of the other things you snack on, and it also has less calories,” says Dr. Oz.

Belly blasting superfood #2: Miso
“There are parts of our body that embarrasses us, that holds us back from being who we can be. Miso happens to be a solution that they use in Japan. It’s one of the reasons why we think that women from Japan are so skinny, because they use miso as part of their diet,” says Dr. Oz. “This seasoning used by the Japanese…actually reduces the triglycerides in the blood. It’s pretty pungent when you eat it [by itself], but when you put it in soup - it’s spectacular,” says Dr. Oz.

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Miso is easily available in supermarkets and costs about $3 per package. Dr. Oz recommends one cup of miso soup a day to fight belly fat.

Belly blasting superfood #3: Sauerkraut
“Sauerkraut is something that we don’t think about often, because we usually put it on hotdogs. But it’s very effective in getting rid of belly fat,” says Dr. Oz. “This is one of the big secrets on the show: You may not realize this, but the way that our gut metabolizes our food is very important for the way that we get our calories in. We have different bacteria in our guts. So if your bacteria aren’t healthy bacteria, then you do not digest food like you are supposed to. You can actually absorb too many calories and put weight on without doing anything else differently in your life. Sauerkraut is fermented. It’s unprocessed and fermented food that can provide bacteria that’s good for you—so it repopulates your intestinal tract. So we believe it’s very effective to help people lose weight,” says Dr. Oz.
Sauerkraut is available in supermarkets at about $1 per can. Dr. Oz suggests one serving in a sandwich as a good way to eat it to fight belly fat.

”Now I don’t want it on a hotdog. I want you to put it on something that is good for you like a turkey sandwich with whole grain bread,” advises Dr. Oz.

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Image source of Miso: Wikipedia