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Dr. Oz Warns about the Designer Drug Dragonfly

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“Dragonfly is similar to LSD, but far more powerful and potentially more lethal,” states Dr. Oz in a warning to viewers about the danger of the designer drug Dragonfly. Dr. Oz points out that Dragonfly can produce psychedelic highs that last up to 2 days, can be bought online from home and is legal. With Dr. Oz is Joseph Lee, MD an addiction specialist with the Hazelden Center for Youth & Families who discusses the dangers of the designer drug Dragonfly.

When asked by Dr. Oz to describe what Dragonfly is and what the high is like when you are on it, Dr. Lee says that, “To understand Dragonfly you’ve got to understand two different classes of chemicals. One class are the hallucinogens. We know these—LSD, acid, peyote. They’ve been around for a while. The second class is the synthetic drug revolution—synthetic marijuana, synthetic stimulants—all these designer drugs that are now coming out in the market. You combine these two worlds and you get a drug like Dragonfly,” says Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee expands on Dragonfly by explaining what the attraction of the drug is to users. “Dragonfly is designed to last longer and is more potent than many hallucinogens. So, a recreational drug user may look at Dragonfly and say, “Hey, this thing I can trip on for 48 hours.” But if you have a bad effect with Dragonfly, you are going to have a bad side effect for 48 hours as well,” says Dr. Lee.

“How can I buy something legally that is so harmful to me?” asks Dr. Oz.

Dr. Lee explains that is has to do with how the government works when it comes to drugs. He tells us that the DEA has a list of regulated drugs where laws are in effect to protect the public from misuse and abuse. However, that many designer drugs like Dragonfly fall into a gray zone where they are chemically similar to a regulated drug, but different enough by as little as one molecule that results in the laws not being applicable. Therefore, it may be years before the courts can catch up with a new designer drug and pass a regulation that can outlaw a drug like Dragonfly.

“We cannot rely on the government solely on this one,” says Dr. Lee. “It’s up to us, it’s up to parents, it’s up to health care professionals and teachers and kids. We have to inform ourselves, we have to prevent this stuff from happening.”

To impact the audience with how serious a health risk Dragonfly is to a user, Dr. Oz shows an animation of what happens to the body on Dragonfly. It begins at first with a euphoric high with neurotransmitters being stimulated in brain that then progresses rapidly into uncontrolled rapid message signaling sent from the brain to the rest of the body. The user will then experience arterial spasms, intestinal discomfort and the lungs will flood with fluid from increased arterial and venous pressure to the point where it cannot supply the heart with oxygenated blood. The heart begins to suffocate from lack of oxygenated blood and the user then goes into cardiac arrest and dies.

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However, more shocking to Dr. Oz is the fact of how easy it is to get access to Dragonfly. By entering an online search request with his laptop computer and using the search phrase “Buy 2C-E,”—which is a common, but less potent form of the designer drug Dragonfly—Dr. Oz was able to locate a company that sells dragonfly and purchase a gram for approximately $195.00 in less than 5 minutes with shipment guaranteed in 2-5 weeks.

While internet searching for a seller of the more potent form of Dragonfly called bromo-Dragonfly, within seconds Dr. Oz was able to locate individual sellers who would arrange for a purchase of bromo-Dragonfly for $300. “You contact the supplier and they give you the methodology to buy it,” states a guest web expert who demonstrates with Dr. Oz the ease of finding sources of Dragonfly. “It’s much easier to buy this stuff than I thought it would be. It’s much easier than it should be,” stated Dr. Oz nodding his head ruefully at the result on his screen.

Referring to the Internet, when Dr. Oz asks Dr. Lee if this is how kids are getting hold of Dragonfly, Dr. Lee states that it is. Furthermore Dr. Lee points out that the common signs of drug addiction such as behavior changes, bags under the eyes, bumping into things, etc., are not there. That the kids who are overdosing on Dragonfly are not addicts, that that do not go into seedy neighborhoods to find drug dealers to get this drug. Rather, that it is happening in the home and that kids are just experimenting for the first time to see what it is like to take Dragonfly.

This point that Dragonfly in the home can go undetected until it is too late was made especially poignant when Dr. Oz introduced a guest who had a daughter who died from an overdose of Dragonfly.

When Dr. Oz asked her if she knew then what she knows now, what she would have done differently with her daughter, his guest replied, “I can’t think of doing anything differently. I kept my eye on my kids. I was there. I was always making sure what they did, what they read. I knew her Face Book, I knew her MySpace…that’s what I’m saying—you can keep certain things away from your children. You can protect them with that shield to a point, but you can’t follow them. You go to college and there’s a computer, and there’s nothing on there that stops them from going on these sites.”

To help families protect their loved ones from being exposed to and taking Dragonfly, Dr. Oz believes that the best prevention is staying close to and monitoring your child. Below are a few key things to remember that may help you prevent your child from taking Dragonfly at home:

• Although kids are typically tech savvy, do not mistake it for a sign of maturity. Often kids will not realize that although something is offered on the Internet, that it may not be legal.
• Keep open channels with your kids. Withhold judgment. Realize for yourself and let your children know, that using drugs is a health issue and that you are there to discuss it with them.
• Keep an eye on their credit card use. Find out what they are buying and where.
• Monitor any packages they may receive in the mail. Look for foreign addresses where many suppliers of Dragonfly operate from.
• Monitor their home computer use and where they have been. Although they may know enough to delete their history, there are other ways to track what sites they have visited.

For more information about the dangers of the designer drug Dragonfly, go to the TV companion article titled “Dragonfly: What This Deadly New Drug Means for Your Family” on the Dr. Oz show website written by guest star Dr. Joseph Lee.



GREAT JOB DR.OZ! Make some more money while you're at it. Sell some more products....... The designer drug show, proves to me that Dr.Oz is most concerned with ratings. Also known as, making money. You irresponsible dung beetle! My high school students are buzzing about it today! Thanks for teaching 100million kids where to get new drugs!
I work as a nurse in a trauma hospital. All these "new" drugs are dangerous and it may be a kids first and only time. Please get out info for psychologists and rehab programs that are not "bullshit" and actually help these teens and young adults learn a new way to live without the drugs. Without the antidepressants, and other meds to "fix " their problems. These kids need to learn respect and responsibility and how to transition into being adults without their parents always fixing everything for them. Ive experienced it with my neice and nephews. They can't even do their own laundry and when things get bad they just "get bored" so they go get high with their other loser friends and are hateful to their parents. And they justify it because the drugs are "legal" so its ok to do them. I was a partier when I was their age, but at least I had coping skills to not blame my parents and everything else for my mistakes. These kids can't even admit they are making the bad choices themselves. Always wanting to blame someone else, and they make up excuses for everything. The problems are starting at home with being spoiled and with the crap and violence in the media and the video games and with parents not wanting to disipline when needed. Most of the in patient rehab places I ever went were not good. Does there exist a really good inpatient rehab program that can teach a young adult how to live again as a respectful responsible adult that doeasn't need to feel high to function??? My sister really needs to find a place to help her son before he kills himself or someone else. Thanks.
Dr. Oz is attempting to alert parents to the potential of substance abuse. There is nothing wrong with that. However, even his own peers find great fault with his techniques--which are all based in one thing--profit. And yes--he just opened up a can of worms--the ease of locations/availability of this designer drug--which you can bet is also being made in college and even high school chemistry labs by the honor students who are also designer-stoners. The more the economy sinks, the more the temptation to profit, and all it takes is one time, that first big money to cross the palms. Just because they are honor students or science majors doesn't mean they are not interested in big money. As for Oz, he understands the way people think--remember--he is a doctor. They sell fear--Got to get that test (no matter how dangerous), got to take that pill (Got to have the cruise this year..prescription blue book of perks on his desk..yeah. We know all about it.); do that catherization--even though it may not be necessary, but it makes them $$$$$$$$. Cover your peers back. (you get $$$$$ if you refer..) Medicine is HUGE business. US medicine is HUGE business, and until Universal Health Care comes in and busts these business moguls-doctors, nurses, therapists-- down to size and brings them back to realization that we are human beings, not their lab animals with billfolds and insurance cards; then it will never change. Fear sells. Big time sensationalism that comes with Dr. Oz's ads and promos. As money flows in, so the sensational/fear-based content flows in. Each day, we are scared to the point of anxiety by Dr. Oz's descriptions of death-sentences we are all facing each moment of each day-- cancer, the flu, the air we breathe and something as simple as apple juice. Now he is selling weight loss--the Million Dollar weight loss challenge. This is insane!!This is also unethical. Ethics? Not anymore. There are no ethics. Dr. Oz (Harpo Studios--Oprah) and his buddies The Doctors (also produced by Harpo...) First it was The Doctors--the prescription/surgery pushers of all time. To keep his ratings, Dr. Oz has incorporated fear into his show. Scare you into watching. It is drama at its most destructive. It is time to shut of commercial/cable television and no longer finance Dr. Oz and The Doctors. For our own good heath and well being.
I think YOUR the irresponsible one NOT Dr. Oz!!! I have 3 children ages 14, 18 & 21. Times have changed and most responsible caring parents want to know whats new & out there so we know what to protect our children from & how to go about doing so. Sorry that your too stupid to realize that. Let me ask you how many kids/teens run home after school to turn the Dr. Oz show? I think the Playstation 3, X-Box & Wii have trumped the Dr. Oz show! ( sorry Dr.Oz)