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Dr. Oz Tricks on How to Eat Pizza and Still Cut Calories

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Here's a healthy pizza video for calorie counters

Think you can’t have pizza any more just because you are on a diet? Think again and rejoice with these tips from Dr. Oz on how to cut calories when eating pizza; plus, a calorie-smart and delicious recipe for a quick and easy healthy pizza.


It’s the weekend and you’ve been especially good by exercising, eating all of the right foods, and counting calories the past five days. But now you are dying to have pizza while watching TV and worry that you are about to lose all of that hard work by turning into a couch potato.

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Fear not! You can have your fit bod and eat your pizza too just by following some sensible advice that will not let that pizza damage your dieting efforts with these tips from The Dr. Oz Show with his “Insider’s Guide to the Healthiest Pizza.”

Healthy Pizza Eating Tips

Thin body, thin crust―When ordering your pizza go for the thin crust, whole wheat choice. Doing so will save you more calories here than anything else when it comes to eating pizza.

Double cut It―Ask that your pizza be served with a double cut of 16 slices rather than the typical eight. Doing so will allow you to still “feel like” you are getting those 2 slices when it’s actually one.

Less meat, less fat―Holding off on the pepperoni and sausage is the 2nd best thing you can do to keep that pizza on the low-cal side. But if you just have to have some, go for the anchovies as a healthier meat option.

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Fill up with veggies―loading on as many vegetables as a slice can possibly hold is a great way to get yourself to eat you veggies in the most pleasurable way possible, and make that double sliced slice of pizza just as filling as a regular slice.

Make a Healthier Pizza at Home

For an better option when it comes to eating pizza, you can enjoy an even healthier pizza in your home with this Health.com homemade recipe video that features a whole-wheat pizza crust topped with flavorful goat cheese, spicy arugula greens, and halved grape tomatoes, that is so simple to prepare you just might make it a weekend tradition with your family.

Arugula and Goat Cheese Pizza How-to Video

For more about healthy pizza, here’s an informative article on where you can find gluten-free pizza.


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