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Dr. Oz's Top 5 Embarrassing Medical Conditions

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Embarrassing Medical Condition

In a recent televised episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz reveals that sometimes medical conditions defy a customary medical label and are presented to MDs by their patients with creative labels to describe their embarrassing medical condition.

In the past, Dr. Oz has been presented with viewers who admitted to having suffered from “ghost poop”, having a “sexident” during intercourse and “vurping” in their own mouth as defined below:

Ghost Poop: When you’ve waited so long to go to the bathroom that you no longer have to poop.

Sexident: Accidently peeing during sex.

Vurp: When you burp and a little vomit goes into your mouth.

Since his last showcasing of embarrassing moments revealed by patients, Dr. Oz has become privy to numerous other examples reported by viewers that he says has made his top 5 list of awkward and embarrassing medical conditions. Listed below is a brief summary of each and what it means:

Butt Boils: Painful, golf ball-sized pimples on your butt.

“These boils are really just supersized pimples,” says Dr. Oz. “But there’s a twist to them—they are deeper and they’re bigger,” he adds explaining that butt boils happen when oil and bacteria get trapped around a hair follicle under the skin resulting in a buildup of pus and inflamed tissue.

Dr. Oz explains that eventually they will pop on their own, but advises against trying to break one open by squeezing it or sticking it with a needle as this can cause even more infection and inflammation to the surrounding tissue. His advice is to soak your butt in a warm bath of Epsom salts to gently work the infection out followed by an application of witch hazel to heal the inflamed sore.

Jogasm: Experiencing an orgasm while running.

“Jogasms are not a bad thing and they happen to a lot of women as they are exercising,” says Dr. Oz who explains that why it happens is because not only do the lady parts sometimes rub against each other during movement of the legs resulting in stimulation of the clitoris and labia, but there is also the normal release of endorphins during exercise. He tells viewers that this combination of genital rubbing and muscle contraction with hormonal release can then elicit an unexpected orgasmic response in the person why jogging or exercising.

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Dr. Oz advises women that if they want to avoid experiencing an orgasm while exercising that a simple solution is to switch to wearing underwear and exercise shorts that do not fit tightly against the crotch.

Moop: Mucous in your poop from eating spicy food.

Dr. Oz explains that mucous in your poop—especially after eating spicy foods—is due to the cells that line the intestinal tract are releasing a protective mucous that covers the waste and protects the colon from experiencing irritation from the spicy components of peppers that can burn sensitive tissues.

If you experience moop during a bowel movement and you can attribute it to eating spicy foods, then Dr. Oz recommends that the next time you eat these kinds of foods to also take it with some healthy fats such as those from peanut butter, avocadoes or olives. Eating any of these three foods will help coat the food beforehand and prevent the intestinal tract from being stimulated to over-produce mucous.

Supersweater: Excessive underarm sweating.

According to Dr. Oz the average person sweats approximately 1 liter per day, or 30 liters a month. However, a supersweater actually sweats out about 120 liters of fluid a month explains Dr. Oz as he points out that this is a problem he has, which can lead to some difficulties for him when he is at an event and speaking publically in front of an audience.

To combat this problem Dr. Oz shows viewers his “sweating harness”―a bra-like harness that holds absorbent pads under the arms to catch the sweat and prevent underarm staining of his shirt while in public. However, if the sweating harness is a bit too much to wear under your clothes, he also recommends sweat pads that you can slip under your armpit held in by a t-shirt or dress.

Non-pregnant bloating: Being so bloated that people ask, “When are you due?”

Excessive abdominal bloating that makes people think that you must be pregnant is one of the most common embarrassing conditions many women have, which too often leads to someone congratulating them and asking them when their baby is due.

To put a stop to this problem Dr. Oz says the solution can be found in eating fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and miso soup that have natural probiotics that can prevent the buildup of bloating gas in your digestive tract. Furthermore, Dr. Oz also recommends assuming a position on your hands and knees and repetitively arching your back like a cat followed by dropping your waist toward the floor. He explains that doing this will help work built-up gas through and out of your digestive system and thereby get rid of that belly bloat following a meal.

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