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Dr. Oz: These 3 health items should always accompany travelers

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Healthy travel secrets by Dr. Oz

As part of his “Power of Prevention Hour,” Dr. Oz tells viewers that when he travels that his travel bag is never out of his sight because it contains 3 secret items that he is never found without. Read on and discover what Dr. Oz says are his secret fixes for day to day problems when he is on the go.

Dr. Oz's 3 Travel Bag Secrets

Secret Fix #1: “What snack do I keep in my bag to prevent hunger?’ asks Dr. Oz. “Granola or pumpkin seeds?”

Answer: Pumpkin seeds - “Pumpkin seeds do work. They are a good source of protein and magnesium; they help keep your bones strong. You know… pumpkin seeds give me all of the nutrients I need without the sugar of granola. That’s the problem with granola - too much sugar for me. And, these are easy to carry and airline security won’t take them away from you,” says Dr. Oz

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Secret Fix #2: “What do I keep in my bag to fight bad breath? Is it a disposable toothbrush, or is it some peppermints?” asks Dr. Oz.

Answer: Disposable toothbrush - “It’s not just your breath I am concerned about, but what all things disposable toothbrushes can do for you,” says Dr. Oz. “Here’s the thing, a disposable toothbrush can remove the plaque from your teeth. It’s not just for the breath, its other things that are good for the hygiene of the mouth. The peppermint does not scrape off the plaque, plus I don’t need the sugar in it. And, I don’t need water for these toothbrushes - you can use them on the go and they are great for an interview or an important meeting,” says Dr. Oz.

Secret Fix #3: “What do I keep in my bag to protect myself from the sun? Is it a baseball cap or is it sunglasses?” asks Dr. Oz.

Answer: Sunglasses - “Sunglasses help protect you against UV radiation damage. They help the retina and the cornea. Protect your eyes 12 months out of the year folks, not just during the summer. Baseball hats are great for your hair, but they do not protect you from reflected rays - especially during the winter months off the snow and the pavement. Make sure they block 95% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays,” advises Dr. Oz.