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Dr. Oz Tests Diet Pill and Placebo on Viewers

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This past year, the green coffee bean extract was promoted as a safe and effective weight loss supplement in a pill form that can result in significant weight loss. One of the differences between this diet pill and many others promoted for weight loss is that the green coffee bean extract is a rare exception that is backed by scientific studies presented at a national scientific meeting.

Late spring, The Dr. Oz Show reported on the study’s findings and promoted its use as a way that viewers may find success toward weight loss without having to change their diet. Since then, little info has been coming regarding whether the green coffee bean extract works in practice outside of a scientific study.

However, last month Dr. Oz posted a Facebook message asking fans if they have tried the green coffee bean extract and if they lost weight with it. As noted in an emaxhealth article, of the first 300 responses to the Dr. Oz post, those who reported not finding success with the green coffee bean extract outnumbered those who reported weight loss by approximately 2 to 1. To be fair the tally of the responses was only an approximation and did not weigh in the possibility of confounding factors.

More accurately, however, is a study initiated and designed by Dr. Oz (with the aid of his medical advisory board) of 100 volunteer viewers who were divided into two groups that either took a green coffee bean extract pill or a placebo.

In the study, the volunteers consisted of women between the ages of 35 and 49 who had a BMI ranging between 25 and 45. In addition, the test subjects were free of diabetes and had no history of heart attack or stroke, and were not pregnant or breast feeding. The purpose of the selection criteria was to reduce confounding effects and ensure that the test and control groups were as similar as possible to determine any differences in outcome between the two groups.

In addition to the physical criteria, a food log was maintained by all participants to ensure that during the test period that none of individuals did not significantly change their eating habits and thereby unintentionally skew the results of the study.

At the beginning of the study, all participants were weighed and measured and then given identically labeled bottles with instructions to take one pill 30 minutes before each meal three times per day. During the two-week study, none of the participants knew if they were in the test group or control group taking a green coffee bean extract or a placebo respectively.

The results of the study were that overall the total weight lost by the participants was 123 pounds. The test group that had the green coffee bean extract diet pill lost the majority of the weight totaling nearly 82 pounds of the 123 pounds lost by all participants (including the placebo group). The average weight lost by the green coffee bean extract test group was approximately 2 pounds in two weeks.

To explain the placebo results where some of the weight loss occurred—42 pounds—by the control group, Dr. Oz explains that it shows how that in part the power of the mind.

“The power of the mind convinces the body to do what you want it to do,” says Dr. Oz. “So if I tell you that this is a magical pill that will help you lose weight, you’re going to take this pill and you might lose weight.”

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Dr. Oz also attributes some of the weight loss as possibly due to maintaining a diet log that made individuals more mindful of what they were eating and thereby could account for some of the weight lost.

Dr. Oz revealed that the green coffee bean extract pill that the test group was given was at a dose of 400 milligrams per pill.

In comparison to the 22-week long scientific study results announced earlier this year, the participants lost an average of 17 pounds that consisted of an average of a 10.5 percent decrease in overall body weight and a 16 percent decrease in body fat.

“Green coffee bean extract worked for us,” says Dr. Oz. “This audience lost an average two pounds in two weeks, which experts say is a safe and healthy amount in this time frame.”

Dr. Oz tells his audience that to lose weight successfully with the green coffee bean extract that not only do they have to take the extract as directed, but that by keeping a food log that you will double your weight loss.

In addition, Dr. Oz warns viewers that not all green coffee bean extracts sold in stores or online are equal and that you have to take the green coffee bean extract he recommends or risk being duped.

“Not all green coffee is created equal. We’ve done our research and we have found that only two manufacturers sell the stuff that works,” says Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz recommends that viewers look at the labels of bottles of green coffee bean extract and choose only those that have “Svetol®” or “GCA” printed on the label. In addition, be sure to get it in a capsule form that is labeled as being at least 45% chlorogenic acid and comes in a dosage of 400 mg that you will take 3 times a day. And one final point, when reading the labels, the ingredients should list zero fillers, zero binders and zero artificial ingredients. Dr. Oz also states that a 30-day supply should cost approximately $30.

While no side effects have been found with taking green coffee bean extract, Dr. Oz recommends to play it safe and not to take it if you are pregnant or breast feeding or under the age of 18. And if you are concerned about getting the jitters from the caffeine, he reassures viewers that the caffeine content is quite low in the extract.

For an informative article about a scientific study on weight loss with green coffee bean extract, follow the link to an article titled, “Coffee Bean Diet Results in Fast Weight Loss Announced at American Chemical Society.”

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show