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The Dr. Oz Show Season Opener Surprises

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This Monday, September 10, 2012 is the season opener for the long-anticipated new season of The Dr. Oz Show. In a sneak preview of the 1st episode, Dr. Oz promises both drama and useful information for viewers as he states angrily in a preview video clip, “My legal rights are being violated—and you my friends, are being duped. I’m taking back my name.”

So what’s this all about? Why is Dr. Oz so mad? Unfortunately we will have to wait until Monday to know for sure; however, a reasonable speculation is that The Dr. Oz Show is finally taking some control over the misuse of his name by online supplement retail companies that promote their dietary supplements with images of Dr. Oz and advertisements stating “As recommended by Dr. Oz” or “As viewed on The Dr. Oz Show.”

Typically one of the most frequently asked questions by viewers of the Dr. Oz Show in the comment section of his website is, “Where can the latest supplement recommended by Dr. Oz be purchased?” Fellow viewers usually respond within a day or so of where they got their supplement, but not surprisingly—many health food stores are sold out within the first day of the episode. Hence, a guaranteed sales opportunity for online purveyors of dietary supplements to meet the increase in demand.

For example, a quick online search using the terms “Dr. OZ” and “chitosan”—just one of many supplements promoted by Dr. Oz for weight loss—resulted in no less than approximately a dozen advertisements from a wide variety of online suppliers of dietary supplements within the first few pages of search results. However, are all of these supplements of the same quality and make as advertised on the Oz Show? Is Dr. Oz really supporting the companies’ products for sale as they appear to indicate?

Probably not. And it’s all the more reason why consumers need to apply the old maxim—buyer beware.

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And perhaps the creators of The Dr. Oz Show are at least partially to blame for this. After following a number of episodes from last year, it is not always clear of which brand and manufacturer a supplement is recommended, for viewers of The Dr. Oz Show. While the show may be toeing a fine line between health and consumerism for profit, if a supplement is recommended, then shouldn’t the viewers be told clearly (at least on the show’s website) the details of the televised product?!

The danger of lack of information is that it sets up viewers for sales pitches by online dealers of supplements that may not meet reasonable quality standards—a serious problem within the dietary supplement industry that many believe needs federal involvement on the same scale as prescription pharmaceuticals.

However, be that as it may, as stated earlier this is only speculation toward what the sneak preview promises to be an exciting season opener episode of The Dr. Oz Show.

Another promise of the sneak preview is that of a shocking new fat burner tested on 100 women and the results of how much weight they lost. No hints here on what it is and therefore speculation would be pointless. But perhaps Dr. Oz’s taking back his name statement will hold some new and helpful surprises for viewers who are trying to find a safe and effective weight loss supplement that works for them.

Fan comments on what the Dr. Oz Show season opener surprises may hold are welcome and appreciated.

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