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Dr. Oz Show Reveals Strategies to Prevent Baldness, Grey Hair and More

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In a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show, hair industry expert Tabatha Coffey reveals strategies to prevent baldness, grey hair and more. With 30 years of hair-raising experience and her own TV show, Tabatha Coffey reveals secret strategies everyone needs to know as part of their hair care routine to prevent going bald, going grey and other conditions associated with aging hair.

Tabatha Coffey is known as THE hair industry mogul people go to for hair concerns that their doctor do not address. She is the author of a tell-all book titled “It’s not really about the hair” and has her own TV show “Tabitha Takes Over” on Bravo. Her mission in life is to help others find their dream hair.

“The number one complaint people have about their hair is that it changes,” says Tabatha Coffey. “Just as our bodies change as we age, our hair changes as well. Everyone wants the hair they used to have. Well guess what? It’s not going to be that hair anymore because it’s aging.”

Tabitha Coffey explains that she herself has suffered from hair loss due to a combination of stress and neglecting her own health as she took care of her dying mother. “I literally looked in the mirror one day and thought ‘Oh my God—clumps of hair! I had bald spots just coming out. And even for me it took a while to connect the dots and realize that it was all stress related and from the fact I wasn’t taking care of myself properly. And this is something that’s great for women because it saved me,” she says referring to her first secret of treating thinning hair.

Secret #1: Treating thinning hair with Viviscal Extra Strength
According to Tabatha Coffey, Viviscal Extra Strength is a vitamin supplement that should be taken with exercise and a healthy diet to ensure that the benefits of hair growth and returning thickness of thinning hair will manifest in women who suffer from what she calls “hormonal hair.”

“It will actually help the hair follicle to grow quicker because it is stimulated more and the hair will feel thicker. If you are balding, it‘s obviously not going to work because that’s a different condition. But if you are experiencing hair loss and thinness due to stress or hormones, it’s definitely great to go to…it’s not a magic pill, nothing is. Don’t take it today and think ‘that’s it, it’s over.’ You need to take it every day for about 4 to 6 weeks,” she recommends.

Viviscal Extra Strength costs $50 for 60 tablets and is taken one pill a day.

Secret #2: Treating greying hair with Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo
Tabatha Coffey tells that when it comes to greying hair, the common complaint she gets from her clients is that their hair looks yucky—that its color has yellowed and looks dull.

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Going to a color wheel, she shows viewers how that the color yellow has an opposite in the blue to purple range and that the Aveda Blue Malva shampoo is a great way to counteract yellowing by using its anti-yellow color violet properties. “It’ll make hair look shiny, vibrant and fresh,” she says for grey hair that has brassy orange and yellow tones that need to be neutralized and counteracted by the Blue Malva shampoo.

Blue Malva shampoo sells for $35 a bottle and is used like regular shampoo three times a week.

Secret #3: Treating brittle hair with Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe
“Brittle hair is not just about moisture,” says Dr. Oz. “It’s also about having the right amount of oil to maintain its shine. And changing hormone levels will dry hair out.”

Tabitha Coffey concurs with Dr. Oz about the effect changing hormone levels can have on aging hair, but she also points out the damaging things people do to their hair with blow dryers and chemicals also makes hair brittle.

She shows viewers an illustration of a normal and hair and a damaged hair and tells them that hairs have protective cuticles like shingles on a roof. When hair is damaged, the cuticles lift away from the hair shaft like damaged shingles lifting off of a roof and that this is what makes the hair brittle and easy to break.

“What this product will actually do is go inside that cuticle and fortify the hair from the inside out with moisture. But it’s also cumulative. And so as you keep using it, it will protect the hair from future damage,” she says.

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe costs $22 per bottle and can be used 3 times a week for damaged hair or once a week to help maintain healthy hair.

For a simple test to determine if you are slowly going bald, go to this informative article http://www.emaxhealth.com/8782/60-second-baldness-test-normal-hair-loss-or-adrogenetic-alopecia before it’s “hair today, but gone tomorrow” and too late to use strategies from the Dr. Oz Show to prevent baldness, grey hair and more.

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show with special guest hair expert Tabatha Coffey



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