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Dr. Oz Show Reveals Dermatologist's Skin Care Secrets in Your Kitchen

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Dermatologist Ellen Marmur shares skin care secrets with Dr. Oz's viewers.

Dr. Oz's special guest dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD reveals her two skin care secrets that can be found in your kitchen for treating yourself with inexpensive and safe skin care techniques. Dr. Marmur is vice chair of cosmetic and dermatological surgery at Mount Sinai and lists for Dr. Oz’s viewers two home remedy skin secrets for improved and great looking skin.

Dr. Oz tells us that Dr. Marmur uses a variety of skin care techniques such as medications, lasers and peels. However, that there also are skin care secrets in the kitchen refrigerator that his viewers can use right now at little cost. When asking Dr. Marmur whether it is true that we may have some equally effective skin care treatments right in our own fridge, she replies, “You know, we used to call these old wives’ tales, but now we realize that a lot of what they told us is actually probably very true.”

The following is a list of two skin conditions and home remedies Dr. Marmur suggests that you can use from common items found in the family kitchen:

Skin Care Secret #1: Avocadoes and honey for dry flaky skin
Dry flaky skin is a common skin condition problem, especially during the winter months. Typical treatment for dry flaky skin is to moisturize the skin while at the same time replenishing it with natural oils and plant-derived nutrients. On the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Marmur suggests two natural ingredients for treating dry skin: avocadoes and honey.

“You are going to cut your avocado in half and scoop out the fruit of the avocado and you’re going to start stirring in about one tablespoon of honey and make it into a kind of a nice consistency,” says Dr. Marmur.

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Once the mixture is ready, it is applied directly to the dry flaky skin on the face and left there for 10 minutes. Dr. Marmur says that you can do this three times a week and even place a nice, cool towel soaked in green tea to hold the mix in place on your face and to have the added benefits of caffeine on your skin.

Skin Care Secret #2: Pineapple and cottage cheese for rosacea
Rosacea is a chronic and uncomfortable skin disorder characterized by flare-ups and remissions, primarily on the face. It typically begins after age 30 as a redness on the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead that tends to progress with age. In some cases it can lead to a condition called rhinophyma, which is what gave the comedian W.C. Fields his characteristic bulbous nose.

Rosacea can be irritating and itchy, and while there are some treatments for it there is no cure at this time. One simple treatment of a rosacea flare-up suggested by Dr. Marmur is what some people have for dessert: pineapple and cottage cheese.

“You’re going to take one cup of cottage cheese and mince about a quarter of a cup of pineapple. Believe it or not, the secret of the pineapple is in the rind of the pineapple. And then you are going to just mix it all up, and not have too much water in it,” says Dr. Marmur.

The pineapple/cottage cheese mixture is then pasted on the skin over the areas of rosacea. Dr. Marmur explains that what gives pineapple its nutritional value toward a healthy diet is also healthy for the skin. “So what’s happening here is that the pineapple is full of juices and vitamins, like vitamin C, and it’s going to decrease the redness of your skin—it’s kind of a secret anti-redness ingredient,” she explains. “And the cottage cheese is like milk, it’s going to smooth and calm your skin, so afterward you should have a much more glowing skin.”

Testimonies by the participants on the Dr. Oz show revealing Dr. Marmur’s skin care secrets in the kitchen all claimed that the two skin care treatments were both soothing to their skin and pleasing to smell. They stated that they would definitely try these at home for their skin conditions. For more kitchen-ready skin care remedies take a look at newhope360.com for an article titled “Skin care from the kitchen.”

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