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Dr. Oz Shares Best Flat Belly Foods

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“Tired of your battle with the bulge? Well listen up. I’m giving you the best flat belly foods of all time on today’s edition of Jeopardy,” says Dr. Oz as he leads his viewers through a fun, yet healthful and helpful parody of the popular game show “Jeopardy.”

Contestant viewers will pit their gut reactions to a number of health and diet related questions, of which the answers are food and dieting advice guaranteed to help you find the flat belly you’ve dreamed of. In addition, a summarized list of question and answers from Dr. Oz is provided that you can use to quiz your friends and family with your own Jeopardy home fun toward a healthy heart and a flat belly.

Flat belly food #1
Q: This diamond-shaped nut is often used in a paste.
A: What are Almonds?
“Almonds are great as a snack for in-between meals because it helps keep you fuller and aids in weight loss,” says Dr. Oz.

Flat belly food #2
Q: This canned food could be the pits. But in the Mediterranean, they love cooking with it.
A: What are Olives?
“They have monounsaturated fats, they help lower cholesterol, controls insulin and helps you keep your blood sugar levels where you want them to be, which translates into longevity in that part of the world. And, it helps you keep your belly flat,” says Dr. Oz.

Flat belly food #3
Q: This breakfast food contains “good” bacteria, which helps combat belly fat.
A: What is Yogurt?
“Yogurt regulates bacteria in your gut, helps keep you regular, and helps with that bloating feeling that can cause a belly bulge,” says Dr. Oz.

Flat belly food #4
Q: To flatten your belly, opt for this relative of milk chocolate.
A: What is Dark Chocolate?
“Milk chocolate gives you fat and calories primarily; dark chocolate gives you a little boost to your metabolism and it has less sugar in it than milk chocolate has,” says Dr. Oz.

Flat belly food #5
Q: Oil from this flower will help flatten your belly and unclog your arteries.
A: What is a sunflower?
“Sunflowers are rich in monounsaturated fats, they’re chock full of them, they help keep your belly flat. They also have Vitamin E, which is important because it helps reduce the risk of clogged arteries,” says Dr. Oz.

Additional flat belly food Q&A’s from The Dr. Oz Show

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Q: Which anthocyanin-rich fruit can help reduce belly fat?
A: Strawberries—Eating strawberries can help reduce belly fat, and can also reduce insulin surges that may result in weight gain.

Q: True or False: Natural peanut butter is a stomach flattener.
A: True—Natural peanut butter has monounsaturated fats, which help flatten your belly.

Q: This dip contains stomach-flattening monounsaturated fats.
A: Guacamole—Avocadoes in guacamole dip contain stomach-flattening monounsaturated fats.

Q: True or False: Wine is a stomach flattener.
A: False—Wine is not a stomach flattener because it contains sugar and because it also lowers testosterone, which is needed to make muscle.

Q: This sauce works to flatten your stomach.
A: Pesto—Pesto containing pine nuts and olive oil are full of monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body and fight off belly fat.

Q: What kind of effect do popsicles have on your belly?
A: Fattening—Most popsicles are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, sugar and artificial coloring. Frozen fruit is a much healthier alternative for a flat belly.

Q: True or False: Although they contain monounsaturated fats, walnuts provide little stomach-flattening benefit because they are so high in calories.
A: False—Walnuts and nuts are one of the best sources of healthy fats. If they are enjoyed in moderation, their benefits are plentiful.

Q: This vitamin helps the body process and burn fat faster
A: Vitamin C—Particularly during exercise, Vitamin C is great for burning off belly fat.

Q: One-half cup of what veggies contains over 100% of your daily dose of vitamin C.
A: Red Peppers—Red peppers have a huge amount of vitamin C that will help you flatten your belly.