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Dr. Oz’s New Total Choice Plan Diet Takes the Counting Out of Calorie Counting for You

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Dr. Oz

Are you sick of diets that taste like cardboard, or that skimp on the foods that you really want to eat? According to Dr. Oz, his new Total Choice Plan diet will help you lose weight by taking the counting our of calorie counting with his customized list of tasty meals that makes weight loss fool proof.


"I am launching a brand new free program for everyone who wants to lose weight without thinking," says Dr. Oz. “It’s called, ‘The Total Choice’ and it has been designed to be hassle-free. We’ve created over 100 meal options that always add up to the perfect calorie count for you… the Total Choice is about giving you back control over your calorie intake.”

With Dr. Oz is special guest Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD Manager of Wellness Nutrition Services of the Cleveland Clinic who tells viewers that one of the problems dieters have when counting calories is that they often undercount the amount of calories that they are actually eating.

“Don’t eat enough calories—you’re in starvation mode; eat too many calories and you’ll store that as fat and gain weight,” says Ms. Kirkpatrick, who explains that the Total Choice diet is designed to help dieters keep within a specific calorie count range of either 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day.

So how much weight and how fast can a dieter expect to lose weight on the Total Choice Plan?

“They will lose as much as they want—as long as they stay on it,” says Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. “So, a pound to a pound and a half every week.”

1,200 or 1,600 Calories per Day—Which is Right for You?

The first step of the Total Choice Plan is to calculate whether you should be eating 1,200 or 1,600 calories per day. To figure this out, here are the 3 criteria you need to answer to see which category you belong in:

1. What is Your Age? If you are 35 or younger, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you are over 35, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category.

2. How Tall are You? If you are 5 feet 5 inches or taller, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you are under 5 feet 5 inches, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category.

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3. What is Your Activity Level? The easiest way to determine this is with a pedometer or other type of activity monitor. If you walk 5,000 steps or more a day, then you belong in the 1,600 calorie category. If you walk less than 5,000 steps a day, then you belong in the 1,200 calorie category. However, if you do not have an activity monitor, you can determine your activity level by noting how many times a week you are out of breath (during exercise) for 30 minutes or more: Three times or more—1,600 calories; 2 times or less—1,200 calories.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that of the criteria, whichever you answered the most for, is the calorie category that you belong in.

Choose Your Meals and Begin to Lose Weight

The second step of the plan is to go to The Dr. Oz Show website and begin choosing from a long list of calorie-precalculated foods that not only will keep you within your daily calorie count without having to think about it, but also includes many of the dishes that most diets say “No” to.

“We’ve actually paired up nutritionists, with food addicts and food experts, and chiefs, and put them together, and instead of what normally happens when you pervert the food to make it decadent and unhealthy, we actually did the opposite of that—we took all of those talents and we made incredibly savory foods that happen to be good for you and that happen to be low calorie,” says Dr. Oz.

So what kind of meals are we talking about? As it turns out, those meals are many of the same ones you love that are responsible for your weight. However, in amounts and selective combinations that offers fewer calories without less flavor.

For example, for breakfast you could have a “Total Choice Cheesy Egg Sandwich”; for lunch you could have a “Total Choice Veggie Chili”; for dinner you could have a “Total Choice Spicy Shrimp Veggie Stir-Fry” along with one snack and one dessert and still stay within your 1,200 calories per day goal.

The great thing about it is that it takes all of the guess work out of calorie counting with all of the meals and food items already calorie counted for you so that you can pick and choose, mix them up, and modify them to suit your tastes without having to work at it.

To get started on Dr. Oz’s Total Choice Plan diet, just click-on his Total Choice webpage and choose either the 1,200 or 1,600 calorie plans and then follow the appropriate links for printing out his calorie counted meal guides that list the ingredients and how to prepare each meal.

For more on similar Dr. Oz weight loss plans, here is a quick guide on his Total 10 Plan for dieting the right way to lose weight.

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