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Dr. Oz’s 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Smoothie Success

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Dr Oz weight loss with smoothie

As a follow-up to the diet plan article, here is how you can whittle away at your belly fat even more by learning how to create your own superfood smoothies for continual weight loss and graduate beyond Dr. Oz’s recommended recipe for a great rapid weight loss breakfast smoothie.

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According to the May/June issue of Dr. Oz―The Good Life, superfood smoothies are portable, nutritious meals in a glass that you can whip up in a just a matter of minutes for both you and your family. Another benefit of drinking smoothies is that they are an important tool for weight loss success.

Here’s a summary of contributing writer Oz writer Susan Spungen’s inside advice and instruction on the basics on how to build your own smoothie that you can custom create to meet your nutritional needs and suit your particular palate. The following ingredient portions will yield smoothies for two.

Smoothie Weight Loss Step 1: Make the base

The base is the foundation of your smoothie and you have a choice between going with either low-fat yogurt or silken tofu. If yogurt is your choice, add ¾ to 1 cup in a blender. If tofu is more to your liking or because you are looking for a good source of soy, add 1 cup of tofu to a blender.

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Next, add ¾ cup of your choice of low-fat milk, unsweetened fruit juice, vegetable juice, coconut water or any non-dairy milk such as that made from nuts, rice or soy.

Smoothie Step 2: Add fruits or veggies

Adding fruits and/or veggies is your opportunity to combine nutrition with great flavor. Ms. Spungen recommends 2-3 cups of any combination consisting of berries, mango, peaches or nectarines, a lemon or lime, or a banana for a little thicker consistency.

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If you are looking to make a smoothie that’s more like a meal than a treat, you can add baby spinach, ½ of an avocado, some mint or parsley to the base from step #1.

Smoothie Step 3: Give your smoothie a health boost

Fight fat with good fats is a lesson from Dr. Oz that can be applied to your smoothie creation for not just nutrition, but added fiber as well for a healthy digestive tract. Recommendations for adding a health boost to your smoothie includes 1 tablespoon of any of the following nuts or seeds:

• Ground flaxseed
• Hemp seeds
• Chia seeds
• Nuts or nut butter

Smoothie Weight Loss Step 4: Sweeten and add more flavor

The last step is where you can be very creative in choosing healthy natural sweeteners that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Top off the ingredients from the first 3 steps with just 1 tablespoon of any of following listed below for added flavor:

• Fresh ginger
• Lemon or lime zest
• Unsweetened cocoa powder
• Ground cinnamon

And then, sweeten to taste using honey, maple syrup, dates previously soaked in water, or ground turmeric.

When you are done with your final additions, turn your blender on high and whip your smoothie to the consistency you prefer. If it is still a little too thick or if you prefer a cooler drink, add a few ice cubes and blend again.

For 3 supersmoothie recipes already created for your morning, afternoon and evening meals, check out the May/June issue of Dr. Oz: The Good Life.

And, to help keep track of your weightloss success that doubles as a motiviational tool, take a belfie of your belly while on this latest Dr. Oz diet plan and watch how your body changes as you drink away those pounds.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show website.
Reference: Dr. Oz―The Good Life May/June 2014 issue



please advise how we can copy these recipes to make at home. we just get the titles when we try to print. would love to keep them in my kitchen.
Going to do dr oz's 2 week diet,how much protein can you have in one day?Do you have to have brown rice? Thanks