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Dr. Oz Reveals the Number One Thing That Keeps Him Healthy

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Dr. Oz on his health

According to Dr. Oz, yoga has changed his life and provided him with health benefits that he believes that will help you not only reshape your body and cure your pain, but even lose weight.

“A lot of folks ask me what is the single most important thing that I would point to if I had to attribute my health to some activity—and I say that would be yoga,” says Dr. Oz. “It allowed me to be a better husband, allowed me to be a better father, and most of all…I think that it has allowed me to be a better healer.”

With Dr. Oz is special guest yoga instructor Steve Ross who explains that the long term benefits of yoga “…makes you much healthier, and in a general sense it makes your whole body more sensitive so that your diet naturally changes into something that is better for you and the people you hang out with, to naturally shift into a way that is more positive,” says Steve Ross.

Both Dr. Oz and his special guest explain that one of the most fundamental things about yoga that many people who try yoga, but miss out on, is the idea that it is about finding joy and happiness within yourself. Steve Ross explains that for some it can become competitive where a person finds him or herself not centered and actually stressed or angry with themselves and/or the person next to them on a mat during a yoga session.

As an example of how yoga had helped him personally find peace within himself at a time that was very stressful, he relates with a story about a terrorist situation in Mumbai where he was holed up in a hotel room while there was shooting in the streets and no escape. By accepting the situation for what it was―which he learned how to do through yoga―he and his hotel mates were able to get through the experience significantly better than others faced with the same situation.

To introduce viewers on how to get started in yoga, Steve Ross demonstrates two fundamental yoga poses for increasing flexibility and relieving pain:

Yoga moves for increased flexibility and relieving pain

Basic Yoga Pose #1: Upward facing dog

• Lie face down on the floor with your palms down and even with the shoulders.
• Push straight up with your arms and roll your upper back and shoulders up with the top of your feet planted on the mat and knees off the floor.

Steve Ross explains that this one simple pose works very well for helping you stretch out and open your spine. You can hold this pose for a minute or whatever you are comfortable with, and then transition into the 2nd pose—the downward facing dog pose.

Basic Yoga Pose #2: Downward facing dog

• From the upward facing dog pose, plant the soles of your feet on the mat and raise your butt up.
• Good form is keeping your legs and arms straight with your heels planted to achieve the most out of this stretch. However, if it is too difficult initially, a slight bending of the knees is allowed.
• Hold for one minute or whatever is comfortable for you and then repeat the cycle.

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Just these two basic yoga moves he explains can greatly increase your flexibility.

However, not only is yoga good for achieving increased flexibility, it can also be used to combat aches and pains that can become crippling for many. Steve Ross recommends using yoga for self-treating tension headaches, lower back pain and hip pain by applying yoga poses that include a forward bend, “the cobra” and “the pigeon” poses respectively.

Yoga moves for reshaping your body and losing weight

One of the best benefits of yoga is that it can actually reshape your body and help you lose weight as testified by a viewer guest who showed before and after images of herself going from a size 16 dress to size 2 that she owes to taking up yoga.

For body reshaping and weight loss, Steve Ross offers a two-step yoga plan to achieve these goals:

Step one: Stand strong like a tree pose

The “stand strong like a tree” pose is a balancing type of pose that involves standing on one foot with the ball of the lifted foot placed against the supporting knee with the hands posed in either a prayer clasp in front of the chest or with the arms upraised above the head. Variations of foot placement can be against the calf of the supporting leg for an easier pose, or with the foot brought even with the groin for a more challenging pose. You should fix your gaze on a point that will not only help you maintain a physical balance, but a mental one as well.

Steve Ross recommends starting your morning with a glass of lemon water that will not only rehydrate and refresh you, but will also help detoxify your liver as you go into a yoga routine beginning with his recommended “stand strong like a tree” pose.

Dr. Oz explains that the “stand strong like a tree” pose with synchronized breathing and a mental/physical balance will help you lose weight by decreasing your stress, which in turn will decrease the release of stress hormones involved in creating belly fat.

Step two: End the day with chanting

Weight loss based on stress reduction through yoga can also be achieved with the simple act of chanting at the end of the day. However, Steve Ross demonstrates that chanting does not have to be the stereotypical voiced “Om” as seen on TV and the movies; rather, that singing a chant with music can be a great way to erase all stress and put joy back into the body and soul.

For more information on poses recommended by Steve Ross and Dr. Oz, follow The Dr. Oz website for a gallery of images and information on how you can get started with yoga that can reshape your mind, reshape your body, relieve pain and help you lose weight. And for information about a new type of yoga-based fitness called “Yogalosophy,” click on the link to an article titled “Yogalosophy from Mandy Ingber claims a new workout.”

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show