Dr. Oz Reveals New Health Risk Warning about Artificial Sweeteners


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Sep 29 2013 - 11:52am
Dr. Oz and Artificial Sweeteners

Is that diet soda or that low-calorie artificially-sweetened sweet tea drink you have every day really as safe as you are led to believe? Dr Oz tackles this controversial topic in a new episode of The Dr. Oz Show in which he reveals that drinking diet drinks or adding those little packets of artificial sweeteners to your coffee may be the root of your health problems.

“Is it time we stopped using artificial sweeteners?” asks Dr. Oz telling viewers that not only have artificial sweeteners been linked to causing weight gain, but that over 20 recent studies have revealed that artificial sweeteners may be contributing to diabetes and causing heart disease in thousands of Americans every year.

In an informal survey of his audience, Dr. Oz found that that on average people admit to using 3 packets of artificial sweetener a day. However, the actual amount of artificial sweetener that people typically consume is much higher when you include artificial sweeteners used in sodas and other diet drinks or foods.

Case in point - Dr. Oz introduced one audience member named Cindy who admitted to using 6-12 packets of artificial sweetener a day plus drinking at least 4 diet sodas daily. According to Dr. Oz, one diet soda is equivalent to 7 packets of artificial sweetener bringing Cindy’s daily count to 24-30 packets of artificial sweetener a day—a habit she has maintained for the past 20 years.

“The average American has about 30 packets of artificial sweetener a day,” says Dr. Oz telling Cindy that she is not alone with this problem and that this amounts to about 24 pounds of artificial sweetener per year per person.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that one problem with eating artificial sweeteners is that they actually trick your body into eating more than you normally would because the artificial sweeteners interfere with feelings of satiety. He explains that the sensations your tongue and brain experience are not in sync with what your stomach knows is the point at which you are actually feeling full and should signal you that that it’s time to stop eating.

The result of overeating then is the build-up of belly fat which in turns leads to the development of cardiovascular disease and inflammation of your blood vessels.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that one reason why people begin to eat so much artificial sweetener is in part because they are led to believe that artificial sweeteners are healthier than eating foods with sugar and that artificial sweeteners will help prevent you from gaining weight.

Visiting with Dr. Oz was special guest Dr. Elizabeth Boham, a physician and dietician who has studied the effects of artificial sweeteners on the human body. What she has discovered over the years is that the trend for consuming artificial sweeteners is disturbingly increasing and resulting in health problems that could be avoided.

“We know that as we increase the amount of artificial sweeteners in the diet that people’s weight begins to increase,” says Dr. Boham who tells the audience that whenever she gets a new patient the first thing she does is takes them off their artificial sweeteners. She cites the existence of studies that not only indicate that artificial sweeteners are actually causing obesity, but newer research that also shows its connection to heart disease and diabetes.

When Dr. Oz asks her for her opinion about how that the food industry is sending the message that drinking diet sodas or other drinks with artificial sweeteners is safe as long as it is done in moderation, Dr. Boham tells him that she does not believe that what they are telling the public is true.

“I definitely don’t recommend that we substitute artificial sweeteners for regular sweeteners. There are studies that are showing that even 3 cans of diet soda a week can cause changes in the body that are not healthy. Even one can of regular or diet soda a day increases our chances of diabetes and pre-diabetes by over 40 percent,” says Dr. Boham. “We know that food is information for the body―and artificial sweeteners are just not providing the right information.”


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