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Dr. Oz: How to Make Your Skin Look 7 Years Younger in Just 7 Weeks

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Dr. Oz Skin Care Advice

"How would you like to begin the New Year by taking 7 years off your age? That’s the promise we’re making today," states Dr. Oz as he introduces a 7-week, anti-aging plan created by the researchers and editors of Good Housekeeping magazine.

From the laboratories of Good Housekeeping, Dr. Oz tells viewers that over 400 anti-aging products tested by their researchers led to the creation of a 7-week plan to make women look 7 years younger using products and methods that removes fine lines and wrinkles, and makes age spots disappear..

“We’ve performed over 5 thousand lab tests to determine what works and what is just hype,” says Nina Judar, Beauty Director of Good Housekeeping. “The plan is easy to follow and it really gets results.”

With Dr. Oz is special guest Good Housekeeping editor-in-chief Rosemary Ellis who states that there are many anti-aging products out there that make outrageous claims―some of which work, but many do not. And, that the goal of Good Housekeeping was to rigorously test these products and provide The Good Housekeeping Seal to only those anti-aging products that help women look younger.

“We’ve pulled together all the information in different areas of your life that really makes a difference when it comes to anti-aging. It’s not difficult―it’s knowing the right things to do,” says Ms. Ellis.

A summary of just four of the anti-aging tips recommended by Good Housekeeping to make your skin look 7 years younger in 7 weeks are listed as follows:

Anti-aging tip #1: Use AHA Cleansers for Your Face

The first anti-aging tip recommended by Good Housekeeping involves skin care. According to guest expert Diane Berson, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, one of the biggest mistakes women tend to make with their skin care routine is cleansing their facial skin too roughly and too often. She states that if you wash your face in the evening before going to bed that you do not need to wash it again in the morning when you wake up―doing so, will only dry out the skin.

Her recommendation is that women wash their faces less often and use alpha hydroxyl (AHA) cleansers at night―and only at night―to cleanse their facial skin once a day. She explains that the various acids within the alpha hydroxyl cleansers work by exfoliating the skin and removing surface oils from skin pores for a once-a-day cleansing that will leave the skin with a healthy glow.

To find the right AHA cleanser, she tells viewers to look for ingredients that end in “–ic” like glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acid.

“All of these acids will give you a nice clean glow,” says Dr. Berson as she also points out the added benefit that many skin care products containing these acids are available for under ten dollars.

Anti-aging tip #2: Use an At-Home Skin Peel

According to Dr. Berson, an at-home skin peel should be done once or twice a week in addition to the nightly skin cleansing described earlier. She explains that a facial peel is a more concentrated formulation of the AHA cleansing products that goes even deeper into the skin and will produce a squeaky-clean smooth feel and a luminous glow.

Anti-aging tip #3: Mega-Moisturize with Ceramides

After cleansing the skin, the skin needs a little repair done to it to help the underlying cells recover from the acids in the skin-cleansing solutions. To do this, Dr. Berson recommends moisturizing the skin with a dime-sized application of a ceramide cream to the facial skin.

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“A ceramide is also called an ‘epidermal lipid’ “says Dr. Berson as she explains that skin cells are like bricks and that lipids are the mortar between the skin cells that help the skin cells adhere to each other and give skin its smooth feel. Without the lipids, the skin is dry, scaly and rough.

“When you restore those lost lipids [after cleansing] with a ceramide-containing moisturizer, the cells stick together in the skin and feels smooth and supple.”

Anti-aging tip #4: Fill Your Shopping Cart with Youth Foods

“Youth Foods are things you want to put into your shopping cart so that you can eat things that will help you feel better and look better,” says expert guest Samantha Casserty, RD and Nutrition Director with Good Housekeeping as she explains that when you feel better it will show in your skin.

Four examples of Youth Foods she recommends include:

1. Yellow bell peppers that she states are good for erasing wrinkles. They are high in Vitamin C and eating 10 slices a day can provide more than a day’s worth of the recommended dose of Vitamin C which she says will help keep the skin from getting dry and developing wrinkles.

2. Eating eggs to erase the ravages of aging seen with sagging skin. She explains that eggs provide lean protein that helps support the collagen that in turn supports sagging skin. She advises eating 1-2 eggs per day, or substitute with other sources of lean protein such as skinless chicken or nuts.

3. Eating 3 servings per day of whole grains is her recommendation for repairing damaged skin. She explains that whole grains contain selenium, which research shows protects the skin from damaging UV rays from the sun.

4. Making salmon part of your diet twice per week, Ms. Casserty recommends, is great for treating blemishes because salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. She explains that OMega-3 fatty acids will decrease the inflammation that is responsible for red, angry-appearing blemishes of the skin.

For additional information on how to erase 7 years in 7 weeks from your age Dr. Oz recommends reading Good Housekeeping’s “7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-Week Anti-Aging Plan” by the editors of Good Housekeeping.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show― Web Exclusive: The Good Housekeeping 7-Week Plan



Good read. I didn't know that yellow peppers have those skin care benefits such as treating wrinkles.
Argon oil, and krill oil also works wonderfully for aging skin problems, therefore use those skin products which have mention any of these as there ingredients. Dermology.us
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Joe: We don't send e-mails. We send newsletters if you subscribe - but I humbly report we have not been doing that lately. We never send anything else to our subscribers - especially "junk". We have no affiliation with anyone. We report news and health information only. Are you getting e-mails from Dr. Oz and his affiliates perhaps? I assure you, we are not the "you people" you reference.
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They also deducted 166.97 USD from my account for a FREE TRIAL and only 5USD delivery fees. No telephone number or email address anywhere. I phoned a number on the SAME website and all of a sudden they don't sell Dr Oz's SKIN GLOW products??? I also want my money back! but SCAMS!!! How dare they treat human beings like this!!
I believe avoiding processed foods is the first step to be able to lose weight. They will taste good, but ready-made foods currently have very little vitamins and minerals, making you try to eat more only to have enough electricity to get throughout the day. In case you are constantly eating these foods, switching to whole grains and other complex carbohydrates will help you have more vitality while taking in less. Great blog post.
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