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Dr. Oz Reveals How to Lose 5 Pounds in 1 Week with Shrink Drinks

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Shrink drinks to lose weight

Isn’t it about time to get your body bikini-ready for the summer? Dr. Oz reveals one doctor’s secret to losing weight fast and permanently, beginning with 5 pounds in 1 week with her shrink drink diet plan.

“I combine two strategies for weight loss. The first strategy, you lose two pounds overnight―feel great the next day. The second strategy allows you to keep losing that weight for the rest of the week,” says Dr. Apovian as she explains that her diet plan is based on beginning a week of dieting with “shrink drinks.”

Shrink Drink Diet Day 1: Drink your calories

According to Dr. Apovian, the secret to jump starting your diet with immediate weight loss overnight while you sleep is to drink your calories on the first day with 3 meals of shrink drinks. Her recipe for a shrink drink is one that she says will make you feel full, decrease the amount of insulin released from your pancreas, and allow you to lose the water and salt that bloats your body while you sleep, leaving you feeling great when you wake up the next day.

The shrink drinks Dr. Apovian recommends are actually common fruit smoothies (without added sugar) that you can make in your home. However, what turns her fruit smoothies into shrink drinks is the addition of muscle-building protein powder.

“The key ingredient here is the protein powder you mix into these smoothies,” says Dr. Apovian, telling viewers that when shopping for protein powder look for the ones that contain whey and casein protein. Whey she explains is metabolized quickly so that it feeds the muscles, whereas the casein takes longer to break down and as a result leaves you feeling full.

Dr. Oz adds that why Dr. Apovian’s inclusion of protein powder in the smoothies is so important is that as we age, we lose approximately 1% of our muscle mass every year beginning about at age 30―with less lean muscle mass, our metabolism decreases and our fat storage increases. The added protein in the shrink drinks he says will not only make the stomach feel fuller, but it also fuels the muscles, which increases metabolism and burns fat.

For sample recipes of Dr. Apovian's shrink drink smoothies click here.

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Shrink Drink Diet Days 2-7: Flush the fat

The second part of the shrink drink diet is to fill your days (2-7) and stomach with energy dense foods that are high in protein with just a small amount of carbs and only natural sugar found in fruit. Dr. Apovian says that this plan will flush your fat and not make you feel as if you are starving yourself.

Her recommendations for one day’s meals include:

• Four 3-oz. servings of protein such as salmon, chicken, lean beef and eggs for building your muscle throughout the week.
• Three ½-cup servings of whole grains to keep your body satiated.
• Two cups of dairy such as cottage cheese―a source of protein as well as of calcium that Dr. Apovian states will help you sleep and keep the hunger hormones at bay.
• Four teaspoons of healthy fats such as from nuts, canola oil, olive oil and avocadoes.
• One small glass of red wine to fight inflammation.
• All the non-starchy fruits and vegetables you want for snacks.

Dr. Apovian says that this is a lot of food, but they are low calorie, high protein meals that will build muscle that in turn will cause you to burn off your fat.

As a test of Dr. Apovian’s shrink drink diet, Dr. Oz introduced two viewers who gave the diet a try for one week. What they discovered was that the diet worked for them as promised with one viewer losing 5 pounds in one week and the other viewer losing 7 pounds in one week.

Dr. Oz notes, however, that to make this diet work you really need to add exercise to it—but only 10 minutes of metabolism-revving exercise a day. To achieve the type of intensity you need to get your heart rate up and metabolism kick-started, he recommends alternating 30 seconds of all-out exertion, followed by 15 seconds of 50% exertion, repeating the cycle for 10 minutes using any number of different exercise moves that work the entire body.

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