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Dr. Oz Reveals the #1 Cause of Belly Fat and What You Can Do To Lose 15 Pounds in 30 Days!

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“Wheat is a big reason if not the biggest reason of all, why Americans are the most overweight population, and has the worst epidemic of diabetes along with hypertension, heart disease, cancer, dementia, ADHD and autism. Wheat is making us sicker than ever,” says Dr. William Davis a cardiologist and author of the bestseller Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health.

Dr. Davis is a special guest on The Dr. Oz show who helps Dr. Oz reveal that obesity in America—particularly with belly fat—is caused by eating what he calls “Frankenwheat.” Frankenwheat he explains is the result of genetically selecting wheat that is no longer the same kind of wheat our ancestors ate; but rather, a genetic monster that is both addictive and toxic to the body.

“The wheat of today is not the wheat your mom or grandma had, because what we have now is not the four and one-half foot tall traditional plant that we all think about, it is an 18 inch tall high-yield, semi-dwarf creation of genetics research—and that is why I call it “Frankenwheat,” says Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis explains that he believes that the consumption of any wheat products today in any form—even whole wheat—has been shown by studies to be linked to both serious and minor illnesses within all of the organ systems of the body. That in fact, modern day wheat that has been genetically selected for optimal yield of grain has an unintended consequence of toxicity that is poisoning our bodies.

In one view, he states that eating whole wheat foods rather than white flour-based foods is similar to smoking a filtered cigarette over a non-filtered cigarette. He explains that this is a flaw by nutritionists in recommending the replacement of something bad with something less bad, because in turn it encourages people to eat more of something they perceive is healthy. In reality, he explains that the eating extra of less healthy is as bad as eating less of the less healthy choice.

“I don’t think that anybody should be eating this—children, adults, males, females, because it will impact your health…sometimes in devastating ways, sometimes in subtle ways—but it will impact your health,” says Dr. Davis.

A second reason why Dr. Davis is against eating wheat is that he says it is highly addictive because it stimulates the same receptors in the brain that opioid drugs stimulates and therefore, causes us to eat more wheat and wheat-based products than we should, which translates to excess fat storage—particularly visceral fat that is stored as belly fat around the abdomen.

He states that the cause of this addictiveness to wheat lies in a protein found in wheat called “gliatin” that stimulates the opiate receptors like heroin or cocaine can, but rather than relieving pain and causing feelings of euphoria, it results in increasing appetite that results in consuming as much as extra 440 calories per day, 365 days a year.

“If you add that up, it’s a lot of calories,” say Dr. Davis while pointing out that gliatin doesn’t stimulate us to eat more salmon or other sources of protein or vegetables; but rather, more junk carbohydrates such as cookies, bagel and chips.

“No other food has that gliatin protein that stimulates the opiate receptors and causes us to take in more food,” says Dr. Davis.

That consumption of extra calories Dr. Davis talks about is about more than simply adding calories, according to Dr. Oz, it is also about the elevation of blood sugar levels that causes a spike in insulin levels which in turn increases heart-damaging inflammation and the development of belly fat.

As a demonstration that even whole wheat bread can be harmful as Dr. Davis claims, Dr. Oz had 5 women eat whole grain wheat bread followed by a measure of their blood glucose levels. Then, 24 hours later, he had the same women eat a candy bar followed by a measure of their blood glucose levels. What he found was revealing:

“Three out of the 5 women had a higher blood sugar spike from the whole wheat bread than from the candy bar,” says Dr. Oz as he points out that the blood sugar spikes were two times higher in these women.

As a solution for losing belly fat that results from increased sugar levels due to eating wheat products, Dr. Davis says that his diet plan will not only make you healthier, but will also result in your losing 15 pounds in 30 days—simply through the total elimination of wheat from your diet.

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The good news is that rather than being a type of deprivation diet, it is a replacement diet where the unhealthy wheat available today is replaced with healthier carbohydrate choices. To lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days, Dr. Davis says that you have to adhere to the following three steps of his wheat belly diet:

The Wheat Belly Diet

Step 1: Go Cold Turkey

Eliminate wheat entirely from your diet—breads, pastas, cakes, cookies, etc. and be sure to check the labels of everything you buy to ensure that there are no hidden wheat ingredients such as can be found in tomato soups, licorice, chewing gum and taco seasoning. This wheat elimination also includes processed gluten-free foods.

Step 2: Eat Real Foods

Eat unlimited amounts of:
• Meat
• Eggs
• Cheese
• Vegetables
• Olive oil and olives
• Raw nuts and seeds

Eat only small amounts (approximately 1/2 cup per day) of:
• Fruit
• Corn
• Legumes such as lentil and navy beans

Step 3: Add Wheat Replacements

Dr. Davis says that even though you are eliminating wheat from your diet, that you can still have your cookies and bread—just be sure to bake with wheat substitutes such as:
• Using ground almonds and coconut flour.
• Exchange wheat pasta for shirotaki or konjac noodles and spaghetti squash.
• Add non-wheat grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, sorghum and oats—just be sure to go light on them.

For recipes recommended by Dr. Davis, visit The Dr. Oz Show website for ideas on how to prepare non-wheat food to lose your belly fat.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show—“Are You Addicted to Wheat?”



Why having a good diet helps (liver detoxification), it's the understanding of how belly fat is different to regular fat metabolically that will get you a flatter stomach, not a crush diet that will result in weight loss and weight rebound a month later. Guys, get a copy of the neatbodies book about belly fat, you will never look back.
Grow your own wheat and make your own bread. Whole grains should be good for us. That is, if you can find seeds that aren't genetically modified - scary. I eat rye, pumpernickel and sourdough. I don't have a belly fat problem. Just saying...
An example is not a proof. Just because you eat wheat and are thin says more to your metabolism and body type and diet than disproving the negative claims on wheat. Whole grains should be good for us is just trying to believe what you were told. Whole grains affect your blood sugar just like table sugar and are found in many processed foods that cause weight gain. We can get fiber and vitamins from fruits and vegetables without the negative effects of wheat and gluten.
I don't eat wheat. You misread. I said wheat should be good for us, but it has been modified so much from what our ancestors ate. I think making your own bread with other grains and possibly whole wheat in moderation might be healthier. I choose rye, sourdough, whole grain breads or pumpernickel and not in excess.
Please people - Dr. Oz means well, but does not have all the answers. But he is famous and rich so he does know what he is talking about from that angle. Registered Dietitian
I see you are a RD. I am an RN and I have learned that some of the education we aquired in college is simply misinformation. Also, look how the FDA has approved some of the drugs that have literally killed patients and aren't they the ones who say that wheat is a healthy componet of one's diet? Do you really feel that you should encourage your patients to consume wheat when the studies show that it drives blood sugar up higher than sucrose? I have inflammatory bowel disease and I can attest to the fact that every since I excluded wheat from my diet, I have improved. Furthermore, I do not get that mid-afternoon fatigue and I require much less sleep. I clearly believe as professionals that we need to be open and change our interventions as new studies come about. What would have happened if medical care had not evolved throughout the centuries? Would we still be saying that "bad air" causes most diseases?
Jill, I agree. One fine example is that I learned in nursing school and it was perpetuated for years that celery has no nutritional benefit. Same with iceberg lettuce. Now we know so much better. Recently , researchers published findings that an ingredient in the lettuce has cancer preventive benefits.