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Dr. Oz Interviews Oprah: How You Can Change Your Life

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Dr. Oz

New York, NY - How you can change your life is the message behind an interview Dr. Oz had with his guest Oprah Winfrey in a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show. After having gone through a life-changing transformation after the ending of the final episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Oprah wants to share with viewers everywhere, her thoughts and what she has discovered in the process. Read more to learn about what Oprah has been up to since the end of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and how you too can change your life.

“Oprah has transformed the lives of millions and now faces a transformation of her own. And today she says that you have the power to transform your life…and the answers are all inside of you,” says Dr. Oz as he invites Oprah Winfrey onstage for an interview about the new chapter in her life.

Dr. Oz begins by asking Oprah how things have changed since the cancellation of her show and whether the impact hit her the day after. Oprah replied by discussing briefly about how she really did not feel all that different the morning after, but that it came on much later when she realized what she missed the most was having that special interaction with people from her audience. “I miss the audience, I miss the people…what I miss the most is talking to people,” says Oprah.

When Dr. Oz asked Oprah about what kind of things she can do now that she could not do while taping her show, Oprah gave one example of finally being able to choose and read a book without having to think about her book club and whether this was book she wanted to promote on her show—something that she had not been able to do in a decade.

“But the most important thing for me was to be able to make the transformation to something really different, so I wanted to get out of ‘the chair.’ I think that for 25 years I’ve felt like, ‘I’m in the chair, I’m in the chair.’ And so, I’ve been out of the chair and out into the world just talking to people who I thought were interesting,” says Oprah.

On Jan. 1st of 2012, Oprah has a new TV program coming out called “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that is about the new direction Oprah has taken up in life since the last episode of her popular daytime show. As a preview of what is to come, Oprah released a short clip of the program that shows her with a well-rounded mix of both well-known and not so well-known people from all walks of life.

Examples of people she has met and done things with include: talking to George Lucas and Cuba Gooding Jr. about a movie telling the story of the Tuskegee Airmen; eating a meal with members of a Jewish Hasidic family who had never heard of Oprah before; fishing with Paula Deen at her home in Savannah, Georgia; discussing drug use with Steven Tyler in his home; and, fire-walking over hot coals with Tony Robbins.

Oprah states that her aspirations for her program are to illuminate other people’s lives in such a way so that others can see themselves in comparison and be able to make connections with these people. “…to be able to see a correlation between ourselves and them,” says Oprah. She says that she will also be going soon to India with Deepak Chopra and to Haiti with Sean Penn.

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“I believe that there are multiple ways of reaching people…and I believe that my calling—and everybody in here has a calling—has been since I was three years old and speaking in a church in Mississippi, was to be a sweet inspiration where I could. And to literally allow people to see for themselves how your life can be better—and I can do that through telling stories,” explains Oprah. “The purpose of the network is to create a space where people can come and get little pieces of light, little pieces of inspiration that will lift them up. I always wanted to have a platform where people could come in and see the best of themselves.”

“How do you know when you are ready for transformation?” Dr. Oz asks Oprah pointing out that canceling “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and beginning a new program such as the one she is doing now is such a massive undertaking.

Oprah explains how that she and others go through patterns of change and growth where you eventually have reached as far as you can emotionally and spiritually, and need to move on toward another level and begin growing again. “I didn’t want to be one of those people who held on, and you are in the ring until you are punch drunk, and people have to drag you out with a microphone saying, ‘It’s time to go Oprah!’ And so I wanted to leave when I still felt energized by it and stimulated by it. Not when people are saying ‘I can’t believe you still on that show.’ And so, I felt that it was right and I still feel like that it was the right thing to do.”

Dr. Oz then asks Oprah how she manages to stay true to herself and what she believes in when she has so many people with differing expectations of her.

Oprah explains that it is true - especially when you are the host of popular show - that it’s easy to get off track without an inner understanding of yourself and who you really are. “It’s about knowing steadfastly who you are and knowing what your vision is for your life and holding onto that... I have a vision for the future and I am steadfast in pursuing that until at some point I recognize that I should be pursuing something else. You are not defined by what other people say about you. You are not defined even by what you do. But you are defined at this moment, by the hope and the light that you bring to this moment,” says Oprah.

To help others find transformation in their lives, Oprah is releasing a “Fresh Start” platform beginning with the January, 2012 issue of “O” featuring Dr. Oz and his 28-day plan to renew your body, mind and soul as a way to kick start the New Year with a new transformation for you.

As a final thought about transformation and how you can find the thread of inspiration to undergo a transformation, Oprah tells us that for her it came from a feeling of spirituality with a feeling of destiny and connecting with something that is bigger than herself. As an example she talks about a town in Iowa she visited where one-third of the town is focused on meditating daily.

As a result of her trip there, she and her staff took up meditating and discovered that, “…that way [through meditation] of being still within ourselves, finding a center and recognizing that something is more important than you, that is more important than the work you are doing, brings a kind of energy and intensity of energy—an intention that we’ve never had before, and you cannot imagine what’s happened in my company,” says Oprah. “People who used to have migraines—don’t. People are sleeping better. People have better relationships. The one thing I want to continue to do is to center myself every day and make that a practice for myself because I am 1000% better when I do that—when I take myself back to something bigger than myself.”

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Oprah paid for all her staff to learn the Transcendental Meditation Program, the one that Dr Oz practices, because she was so impressed with the results she was getting. Should be an interesting show , I think it airs on Jan 4th. Hope the show helps the public understand that not all styles of meditation produce the same results and experience. Ellen Degeneres also practices Transcendental Meditation. Must be something in it.
I think studies support the benefits. We are seeing more research. We live in a fast paced world and MUST find ways to refocus our minds and stop spending on pharmaceuticals with side effects.