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Dr. Oz Goes After President Obama

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Dr. Oz and pesticides

Would you will be willing to eat food that has been exposed to some of the same chemical components as the infamous and deadly Agent Orange defoliate used widely during the Viet Nam War? Well you may not be able to avoid doing just that, cautions Dr. Oz as he reveals to viewers his concern that the foods you buy tomorrow for your health may be more harmful than beneficial, and only President Obama has the power to prevent this from happening.


"The Environmental Protection Agency is on the brink of approving a brand new toxic pesticide that you don’t know about. This is one of the most disturbing developments in one of the biggest food controversies of the 21st century - GMO foods,” warns Dr. Oz as he explains to viewers that GMO (gene modified organism) foods are being developed to be more resistant to powerful bug and weed killers at the risk of being harmful to humans.

According to Dr. Oz, GMO crops were originally designed to be resistant to herbicides like the commercial weed killer “Roundup.” However, what has changed is that the weeds have now become resistant to the active ingredient “glyphosate,” necessitating the creation of stronger herbicides and additional genetic modification of GMO crops that will allow them to survive this form of agro-biological warfare in the fields.

“They [DOW chemical] engineered a new breed of corn and soybean seed built to survive even stronger pesticides. It’s now made of glyphosate AND ‘2,4-D’—a chemical used in Agent Orange that the government banned during the Viet Nam War,” says Dr. Oz stating that the result of this could be making you the next casualty in this weed and pesticide-killer arms race.

Facts You Need to Know Today About GMO Food

• 70-80 percent of the foods you eat contain GMOs. In 2011, 96% of soybeans and 72% of corn planted in the U.S. were GMOs.

• 1.1 billion pounds of pesticides and herbicides are used per year to grow GMO crops. Growers of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. now use more pesticides than are used in fields without genetically altered crops.

• 70-170 million more pounds of additional chemicals per year will be used if the EPA approves glyphosate plus 2,4-D—a combo referred to as “Enlist Duo.”

• Resistance to 2,4-D, the key new agent being added to Roundup to make Dow’s proposed Enlist Duo, has already been seen in several species of weeds in the U.S. Widespread resistance to Roundup arose less than 10 years after it was introduced, and the case is likely to be the same for Enlist Duo with 2,4-D.

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• It’s not just the GMO food itself you should worry about, but the fact that these powerful pesticides and herbicides wind up drifting out of the crop fields into homes and schools putting families in direct contact with these chemicals.

• The EPA is currently considering approving Enlist Duo very soon and is open to a “wait-and-see” scenario where Enlist Duo would be stopped only until it is proven to cause harm.

• What you can do about this―tell the U.S. government not to approve Enlist Duo and to move toward a healthier future for our food by taking action and signing a petition.

Dr. Oz Tasks President Obama

“I’m very concerned that we at the beginning of a very big catastrophe—one that we don’t have to place ourselves in,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that he is asking them today to take action by contacting the only person in the world who can put a stop to the EPA’s approval of Enlist Duo—the President of the United States.

To accomplish this, 100,000 signatures are needed on a petition to force executive action by the President.

“We need 100,000 of you. One hundred thousand signatures and the President has to respond—that’s the rule,” says Dr. Oz.

The petition can be accessed on The Dr. Oz Show website where you will be directed to the online petition.

For an informative article about GMO foods, here’s one that warns consumers why GMO foods disguised as natural may be making you fat!

Image Source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show— “New GMO Pesticide Doctors Are Warning Against”



Who benefits from this? Farmers? They have to eat too. Why are we so bent on destroying ourselves, the animals, the earth with chemicals? This is a forced holocaust on the world....it's just wrong!
I think we are doing to ourselves what the Easter Islanders did? they used up all their resources, and then they all died? We are doing it because in the USA it's ALL ABOUT THE BUCK? otherwise why have the not they taken the Koch Brothers to a higher court to investigate them?
if it sounds like BS it probably is, and in this case, it definitely is GMO foods are not the boogey man
Obama, listen to the voice of the people! Your family eats organic and so does the rest of the US deserve to have the choice of knowing what is or isn't GMO'd. Don't give the go ahead to Monsanto, PLEASE!
Stop GMO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please stop the GMO race to encourage stronger and stronger pesticides.
President Obama, I know you and your wife kids seem to live a healthy life style... Please stop the GMO's not everyone can afford to buy Organic foods all children all people should have the right eat safely... Don't allow us to get sick
We, as a society is sick enough already and health benefits we should be entitled are given to those who are not. Yes, Mr. Obama, it may be disgusting to hear but for a fact, non-citizens are more entitled for health benefits than we, citizens are. No matter how long we've contributed to this country it doesn't matter as long as people know corrupt people WITH THE right connections are better entitled than the law abiding citizens like us!
stop gmos
hopefully I am signing this petition. we live in a farm area and already the crops are treated by Monsanto chemicals (GMO). I don't like eating this stuff and I try to buy organic. why is the government trying to ignore the harm chemicals do to your body just in order to make more money? stop poisoning us!
Barb, to be sure you sign, follow this link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/demand-president-step-oppose-epa%E2%80%99s-approval-new-24-d-resistant-genetically-engineered-crops/sy38Vm0s - copy and paste it or you can just click the word petition in the body of the article.
Please do not allow any more chemicals in our food supply. Stop gmos.
Stop Chemicals and GMO's in our food.
can't pay for prescriptions and afford to buy organic like the first family
President Obama we need to stop Monsanto now before it is to late.. how can we allow them to continue to make deadly poisons that pollute our soil and food supply. This is the base of healthy living... clean food and water.
Please stop Monsanto before more people died or have health problems from it. Please.
please stop the poisioning of the people of America. not everyone understands gmo's, but they eating them anyway because they trust the government. please stop the chemicals being put in our food.
We are soooo worried about GMO's yet almost everyone in the US is on a dangerous chemical called medication, 1 in 5 for mental disorders. The US is the sickest nation in the world and the biggest consumer of drugs and yet, we are worried about GMO's? United States is the world's largest consumer of cocaine, Colombian heroin, and Mexican heroin and marijuana; major consumer of ecstasy and Mexican methamphetamine; minor consumer of high-quality Southeast Asian heroin; illicit producer of cannabis, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and methamphetamine; money-laundering center. All this according to the CIA drug report. And we are worried about GMO's!!!