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Dr. Oz Explains the Dad Bod Problem and How to Avoid It

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Dad Bod Problem

Did you know that having a “Dad Bod” makes a man more sexually desirable to women? However, Dr. Oz warns men that picking up a 6-pack to cover their 6-pack is a dad bod problem that is best avoided.


A recent trending in the news is how that men who have dad bods—that little accumulation of fat around the waistline that comes with aging—is causing women to turn their heads at the beach. In a recent installment of NBC News Today, Dr. Oz visits and explains why the dad bod is a problem and how men can go about avoiding looking more like their father and more like the men their wives married.

“It [the dad bod] was actually coined by women, and it’s a body that makes women not feel bad about their bodies,” says Dr. Oz who explains that a new study shows that women are more attracted to a man with a dad bod than someone buffed up, because it shows women where that man’s priorities really lie.

"Here's the truth of it: When men have a dad bod, it means they're more focused on you and the family rather than taking care of their own body, which on the surface, means they'll take better care of you," says Dr. Oz.

However, this is not a healthy look for men, Dr. Oz warns viewers.

So, what can you do to get rid of or avoid having a dad bod? According to Dr. Oz, these following 4 steps can put your waistline back on the right track toward being a healthier dad and husband:

Dad Bod Avoidance Step #1: Cut out white food

Not only are all those white foods like pasta, sweets and pizza putting added pounds around your internal organs, but so is that nightly beer or two after work. The problem with these kinds of foods is that they are instantly converted into fat that is stored around the belly, which essentially smothers the internal organs and leads to metabolic syndrome— high blood pressure, high levels of bad cholesterol and eventual heart disease―as well as a pronounced beer belly. And so far, unlike with a slight middle-age spread, no studies have shown women to find a beer belly sexually attractive.

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Dad Bod Avoidance Step #2: Get enough sleep

It’s a proven medical fact that lack of sleep raises carb cravings—especially the aforementioned ones in step #1.
"If you don't sleep you will crave carbs, without any question," Oz says. "That's why one of the best ways to lose weight is to get better sleep."

Here are a few ways to beat those carb cravings and choose better breads for your meals.

Dad Bod Avoidance Step #3: Don't stress

Not unlike women who suffer from bloating, men swell up as well in their bellies in response to stress that induces what Dr. Oz refers to as famine hormones that can add girth to a man’s waist.

"The body is hardwired to put weight on when it feels stressed," says Oz. "You will eat more of the things you don't even like and store them in your belly, which is where dad bod is most pronounced."

Dad Bod Avoidance Step #4: Exercise

Here’s the answer to taking care of those dad bod-causing problems in the three aforementioned steps―Stay active! Even as little as 10 minutes every other day will help to reduce that dad bod. And better yet, once you discover how that being active will help your body handle that occasional beer, make you fall asleep easier, and reduce your family and work-related stress, the more likely you will lengthen and increase the intensity of those workouts that will not only help you look less like your dad—but feel like a new man as well.

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