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Dr. Oz Discusses His Latest Secrets to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Belly and Butt Fat

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Dr. Oz Lose Belly and Butt Fat

“Do you carry your weight in your belly? Are you bottom heavy? Or, are you shaped like a box? If so, then you’ve just found the first secret to unlocking your body’s fat burning furnace—your body type,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that their body type has a direct effect on their metabolism.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Jeffrey Morrison, MD a nutrition specialist who has studied the connection between body type and metabolism for over 10 years.

When Dr. Oz asks Dr. Morrison how body type can be a predictor of metabolism, Dr. Morrison explains to him and viewers that what is happening is one part of the natural aging process the body goes through.

“When you are 18 years old, you can eat just about anything and your weight doesn’t change,” says Dr. Morrison. “But with each decade, your metabolism slows and your hormones change. As you get into your 40’s, your metabolism starts to change even more and your hormones get imbalanced. And people’s body shape will change because of the hormones, and the fat gets accumulated where the hormones are imbalanced.”

Dr. Morrison explains that imbalanced hormones are the real culprit behind where body fat is stored as we age. If the imbalance of specific hormones are either too high or too low in specific regions of the body, then that is where fat will begin to deposit and build up.

“Certain hormones will cause fat to accumulate in the hips versus in the midsection versus just all over the body. And that also can be a predictor of what type of health problems that a person can be at risk for,” says Dr. Morrison.

Dr. Oz explains to viewers that in order to take charge of your metabolism and burn body fat with explosive results, is that you first have to determine what body type you are as discussed by Dr. Morrison.

Body Type #1: The Apple

The first body type is one that approximately 50% of all women have who carry the majority of their weight around their waist. This type is referred to as the “apple body type.” This body type is caused by the stress hormone cortisol, that when raised, increases fat accumulation around the waist and over the belly.

Dr. Morrison explains that the apple shape body type are women who typically have belly fat, a round face, a hump on their upper back and relatively thin legs. He warns that this body type is a health risk because not only is fat building up around the belly, but around the internal organs as well, which literally suffocates the organs of oxygenated blood. The reason why fat accumulates around the middle for the apple type body is because that is one of the regions where receptors for the cortisol hormone resides.

One of the major problems for people with the apple type body shape is that when they go on a low-calorie diet and/or do vigorous exercise to try to burn off the belly fat, what they are really doing—according to Dr. Morrison—is increasing their body’s stress levels. With increased stress comes increased cortisol; and therefore, increased fat around the middle rather than burning it away. The apple type body individual, he explains further, is one who is naturally built to be able to cope with times of famine and stressors.

Body Type #2: The Pear

Approximately 2/3 of women have this body type where fat accumulates primarily in the hips, the butt and the thighs. Furthermore, when this body type loses weight, it is these affected body regions that lose fat last.

“The pear body type stores weight on their hips, their thighs and their butts. And the reason for this is because of an excess of the female hormone called estrogen,” says Dr. Morrison. “The issue with estrogen is that estrogen is actually produced in the fat cells, and it also spikes during pregnancy and with every single menstrual cycle. And so it might be very difficult for women who might be consuming an imbalanced diet, because every single time they are spiking their estrogen levels—they are storing fat. And once the fat is stored, it’s very difficult to get it off. The saying ‘A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ speaks to this body type,” says Dr. Morrison.”

He explains that the pear body shape has an evolutionary basis where in earlier times women needed to store extra body fat before becoming pregnant to nourish a developing baby in a harsh environment and living conditions. The problem today is that due to the diet we have, women store too much fat and the evolution of the body has not caught up with the times.
Health risks that women with a pear body shape are prone to include osteoporosis, cellulite, varicose veins and joint problems.

Body Type #3: The Box

The Box body type is one where you are both an apple and a pear where body weight gain occurs over your entire body. The cause of the weight gain in this body type is linked to thyroid hormone deficiency problems because the thyroid hormone turns on your metabolism.

“This body type has the highest health risks because it is too low in thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is really about metabolism for the whole body, and there are some very specific health conditions that can occur that people should know about such as depression, memory loss, high cholesterol and an enlarged heart,” says Dr. Morrison.

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He explains that the thyroid hormone unlocks the metabolism for the entire body, and if it is showed down, then so are many body functions. One in particular for this body type group is depression, which hinders weight loss in many people. Dr. Morrison advises viewers that if they are a box type body shape and are having trouble losing weight and experiencing symptoms of thyroid hormone deficiency, that they should go to their physician to have their thyroid levels checked.

Foods to Boost Metabolism

Dr. Oz tells viewers that even though you are doing all of the right things in your diet such as limiting the calories consumed, exercising and getting plenty of rest, that you also need to feed your body type with the types of foods that will rev up your metabolism and target your problem areas.

For apple body types you need food that tackles belly fat; for pear body types you need food with fiber to get rid of thigh and butt fat; and with the box type, you need food that raises thyroid hormone levels.

Listed below is a summary of the foods to match the three body types:

Recommended Apple Body Type Foods for Burning Fat

Dr. Oz says that with the apple body type, that the stress hormone cortisol is what needs to be targeted, and that foods that cause a rapid spike in blood sugar are one of the main culprits. His recommendation is that this body type should consume foods with a low glycemic index to prevent those rapid rises in blood sugar.

Examples of low glycemic foods include: Lentils, red pepper hummus and eggplant.

Recommended Pear Body Type Foods for Burning Fat

Dr. Oz states that hormone estrogen levels are the target for raising the metabolism and burning fat in pear body type individuals. The secret foods he recommends are high fiber foods that will bind up excess estrogen that spikes in your body during your menstrual cycles.

Examples of high fiber foods include: Edamame, whole wheat pasta and figs.

Recommended Box Body Type Foods for Burning Fat

Foods that raise your thyroid hormone levels are the types of metabolism boosting foods that box type body individuals should be concentrating on in their diet says Dr. Oz— in particular, foods that are high in selenium and iodine.

Examples of foods high in iodine and selenium include: seaweed, shrimp and sunflower seeds.

Recommended Metabolism Boosting Food for All Body Types

And, for his latest secret metabolism boosters for burning fat that Dr. Oz claims works almost immediately upon eating and is for every body type are:

• Harissa ( a spice blend of cumin, coriander, garlic, hot chilies and olive oil)
• Grapefruit juice
• Jalapenos
• Sardines

For more information on other Dr. Oz recommended metabolism boosting, fat belly burners, follow this link to an informative article about a Dr. Oz diet that promises ten pounds lost in just one week.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show—“Turbocharge Your Metabolism”



Eating best fat burning foods to lose weight regularly, lose weight almost effortlessly. A strong way to lose weight would be to make healthy eating automatic. So, this requires more attention and discipline regarding the foods you consume.
Dr Morrison and Dr Oz plagerized this info from Dr Eric Berg who not only wrote a book on body types, and how imbalanced hormones causes them and the solutions to change them called "The 7 principles of Fat Burning" but also has numerous youtube videos on the subject and his own website that discusses this. Look up his website to see all the info pertaining to this subject and then look up Dr Morrison's website and see he never even once mentions body types and how hormones affect your body shape. Dr Oz had scheduled Eric Berg to talk on this subject and then after Dr Berg sent him the script and info he would show on Dr Oz's show, Dr Berg received an email from Dr Oz's show saying they were canceling him and going another way. Then a month later one of Dr. Berg's patients alerted him about the program he had just seen of another Dr. this Morrison, presenting Dr Bergs program as his, Morrison's own program. Apparently Dr. Oz had something to gain by taking Dr Berg's script and assigning it to another Dr and using the info to help take credit for eating. Not all the info is even correct. If you really want to know about this subject then get Dr Berg's book and learn from his decade of true research in book, his website and youtube videos. He has talked to a lawyer but didn't have Dr Oz sign anything before sending his script, never thinking of the chance it could be stolen. Too bad. Still evidence is in the two Dr's websites and books who has been writing about this for years. Shame on you Dr. Oz and Dr. Morrison