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Dr. Oz's Oz-approved Fast Food Menu Choices

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Dr. Oz's Fast-Food Menu

Discover now Dr. Oz's Oz-approved fast food menu choices for meals limited to 500 calories. And if you want to keep it down to 300-calorie or less, here are some WebMD dietician fast food recommendations for you as well.

Dr. Oz goes to McDonalds? And ate fast food on camera before millions of viewers?! He did and he says so can you - on occasion.

“I figured out a way to eat what you love and it’s not what you would expect,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that when you order from a fast food restaurant you should be focusing on the number 500. “That’s the number of calories I want you to have when you order a meal from a fast food restaurant.”

In a new episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz recognizes that sometimes whether it’s due to being on the road, lack of time to cook a meal, or find that it’s just more affordable to eat at a fast food restaurant than at a cooked dinner type of restaurant, that it can be okay to eat fast food on occasion. However, the message he brings to viewers about fast food dining is that you have to make smart choices when deciding what to order.

The following are three Oz-approved meals (without a sugary drink) that you can have for 500 calories or less at 3 of the most popular fast food restaurants in America:

Oz-Approved Fast Food Meal at McDonalds:
• Regular Hamburger without Cheese (250 calories)
• Kid’s fries (100 calories)
• Oatmeal cookie (150 calories)
• Total calorie count: 500 calories

Oz-Approved Fast Food Meal at Taco Bell:
• Fresco chicken soft taco (140 calories)
• Fresco crunch beef taco ( 150 calories)
• Black beans and rice (200 calories)
• Total calorie count: 490 calories

Oz-Approved Fast Food Meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken:
• Original recipe drumstick (120 calories)
• Original recipe chicken breast with skin removed (130 calories)
• 2 ears of corn (140 calories)
• Mashed potatoes (90 calories)
• Total calorie count: 480 calories

To help viewers remember what fast food choices they can make while on the go, Dr. Oz offers an Oz-approved 500-calorie fast food reminder tag that you can print out from his website and hang from the rearview mirror in your car.

300 Calories or Less Fast Food Options

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While Dr. Oz’s 500-calorie meals are a step in the right direction, 500 calories of fast food often contains megadoses of salt that you should avoid. To help people make even lower calorie fast food choices that will also lower their salt intake, here are some fast food items from popular restaurant chains suggested by WebMD’s registered dietitian Kathleen Zelman:

McDonald's: What to Order
• Small hamburger without the mayo and with lettuce and tomato
• California Cobb Salad (with or without the chicken) with half a packet of the balsamic vinaigrette will keep your intake to about 300 calories.

Wendy's: What to Order

Choose foods that are less than 300 calories per serving such as a (choose only one):
• Grilled Chicken Fillet―no mayo, try the honey mustard for a few extra calories
• Jr. Hamburger or Jr. Cheeseburger
• Side Salad
• Spring Mix Salad with honey pecans and 1/2 the salad dressing packet
• Small (8 oz.) Chili

Burger King: What to Order
• If you keep it simple and order a small burger such as the Whopper Jr. or the Chicken Whopper Jr. without mayo, but with lettuce and tomato, you can keep it to about 310 calories.

• The real treat is the chicken tenders that are only 210 calories for a 5 piece serving, and if you dunk it in barbeque or sweet and sour sauce, you can still come in under 300 calories.

Taco Bell: What to Order

Choose a single serving less than 300 calories of any of these items:
• Taco
• Taco supreme
• Soft beef or chicken taco
• Any of the Gorditas

Subway (the best choice of all fast food restaurants): What to Order
• Choose a 6-inch sub or a deli round topped with lots of veggies and ham, roast beef, or turkey breast for less than 300 calories. Use mustard or vinegar as a topping and for additional 45 calories, add 1 tablespoon of light mayo.
• Any of the salads with 6 grams of fat or less topped with a fat-free Italian dressing and lunch comes in under 250 calories.
• Most soups (not chili, which is 310 calories) that do not contain bacon or cheese would only add approximately 90 calories to the meal.

For information about why you may not want to ever eat at a fast food restaurant ever again, read the following story, “Dr. Oz: 7 Dirty Secrets Fast Food Restaurants Hide from Customers.”

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