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Dr. Oz Advice on Beating Your Belly Pooch

Losr your belly pooch with this Oz advice

Are you doing crunches but still not seeing that six pack? Here’s some needed OZ advice on what you might be doing wrong and what you can do to beat your belly pooch.


Do you have a pooch that is not due to bloating issues that can be resolved with these easy belly bloat cures? Are you now resorting to spot exercising that tummy into submission? In a recent issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life, Oz contributor Sara Altshul tells readers that research shows that doing crunches and other abdominal-related exercises for a tinier tummy don’t really work when you are trying to whittle away your midsection. Rather, too much of a good thing can easily become a bad thing that leads to injury that puts a kibosh on your weight loss efforts.

Here Are the Real Reasons for Working Those Abs

However, don’t stop doing those ab-ercises―just do fewer with no less than a 36-hour recovery period between ab workouts―because they do provide other needed health benefits such:

Preventing accidental peeing―a strong ab can help prevent that embarrassing accident the next time you laugh, cough or sneeze.

Protecting your internal organs―a strong ab is like natural armor that will protect you from unexpected blows to your middle during an auto accident or other blunt trauma event.

Putting your best foot forward―one component of having balance is having a strong core. Your abdominal muscles actually help keep you steady on uneven or rocking surfaces such as a boat or tram.

Strengthening Abs the Right Way

Ab exercises like repetitive crunches and double leg lifts can lead to back problems when they are overdone because of damage to those gel-filled discs between your vertebrae. Dr. Oz The Good Life recommends that it’s okay to do those types of exercises—just be sure to not do too many and to balance your ab efforts by mixing it up with simple moves that strengthen all the muscles in your core such as:

Making it a habit to strengthen your core by “pulling your belly button toward your back” off and on throughout the day while walking, sitting still or standing.

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Doing a plank movement every now and then with your elbows under the shoulders and your body held in a straight line, holding that pose for 15 seconds at a time. As your core strength builds you can increase the time to 30 seconds and then a full minute to get a quick core workout.

Beating that Pooch

Cardio and weight training is what it takes to beating that pooch down to a slimmer figure. Dr. Oz The Good Life recommends adding jogging, brisk walking, swimming and strength training to melt that flab away, because spot reduction through exercise does not work in spite of what those infomercials tell you.

Beating that Pooch without Exercise

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Reference: Dr. Oz The Good Life June 2016 “Listen to Your Abdominals” by Sara Altshul

Image courtesy of Pixabay