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Dr. Oz's 6 Weight Loss Secrets Revealed to Keep Off 5, 10, 25 Pounds or More

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Weight loss secrets from Dr. Oz

In the June issue of Woman’s Day, writer Sara Reistad-Long reveals in an article that one secret that Dr. Oz has learned from hundreds of viewers who have lost more than 100 pounds is that staying motivated is the key to sticking with your weight loss goals.

“Once people start to lose weight, they feel good and there are excited to keep going. But that fades,” states Dr. Oz. “To combat this, build in some easy lifestyle changes that will keep you focused on your health. Eventually those changes will become permanent.”

To keep your focus on your weight loss goals, Dr. Oz offers these 6 lifestyle changes summarized below that will automate your lifestyle, keep you motivated, and help you overcome your weight loss hurdles to make you a weight loss success story like so many of his viewers.

Weight loss secret #1: The breakfast hurdle

Solution - Eat the same foods every morning.

According to the article, Dr. Oz tells us that a recent study shows that eating the same meal every day resulted in women who ate an average of 100 fewer calories over the course of the day. His advice is to pick breakfast as the meal to do this to break your nighttime fast and to do this with a protein-filled dish such as yogurt and blueberries.

Weight loss secret #2: No time to cook healthy meals hurdle

Solution—Cook in bulk ahead of time.

Pick an evening such as the Sunday night before the work week begins to cook extra-large meals that can then be stored away as easily and quickly re-heatable leftovers for the following week’s nights. Invest in some stackable microwaveable Pyrex containers to make dinner storage and prep quick and easy with less dishes to clean afterward.

Weight loss secret #3: Eating is expensive hurdle

Solution—Don’t buy everything fresh.

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Dr. Oz points out that what drives the prices of foods has to do with its availability—foods that are out of season are less available and thus more expensive in stores. What few people realize is that frozen foods retain their nutritional content and may in some cases be healthier than produce that has not been frozen and is losing its nutrients as time passes before it is bought or discarded by the store.

Dr. Oz’s advice is to buy produce such as corn, green beans, cherries and blackberries―when in season and is the least expensive―and then freeze them away for future meals. This will cut-down on your meal costs and ensure nutritionally rich meals.

Weight loss secret #4: Gaining back lost weight hurdle

Solution—Find an activity you love

According to the Woman’s Day article, about 1/3 of the weight lost is regained within a year, and the remainder is regained within the next 3-5 years. Dr. Oz points out that this often happens because people tend to go back to their old habits that led to their initial weight gain before going on a diet. His suggestion is that to avoid backsliding into those old habits that people should find a new activity like taking up basketball, ballroom dancing or learning yoga in the comfort and convenience of your home from a video and make it into a new routine that will help you avoid those old bad habits.

Weight loss secret #5: Cravings control hurdle

Solution—Treat yourself with a single bite

Food cravings are one of the biggest hurdles against sticking with a diet. Because studies have shown that the first bite of a treat does the most for relieving a craving, Dr. Oz says that one secret he uses is to take only one bite of a treat such as a piece of cake rather than a whole slice, which is then followed by several sips of water. You should then immediately find a distraction to get yourself away from that cake and occupy your brain on something other than food.

Weight loss secret #6: Exercise hurdles

Solution—Take it easy rather than make exercising a chore you want to avoid

We hear all the time about how those short, intense workouts are the way to go to get the most benefit in the least amount of time. However, what if those intense workouts are building dread instead of muscle for you? Dr. Oz says that the solution to this is to go for easier, less intense workouts such as walking that also provides health benefits at an easier and more enjoyable pace for you. He also recommends using a pedometer to monitor your progress and build motivation by showing you how that by just making little changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, adds to your overall fitness.

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Reference: Woman’s’ Day “Dr. Oz’s Weight Loss Secrets” by Sara Reistad-Long