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Dr. Oz's 3 Anti-aging Cooking Oils in the Kitchen That Can Help You Live Longer

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Dr Oz's recommended cooking oil

Foods containing anti-aging antioxidants are very important for health conscious individuals looking for additional ways to eat and live healthy. However, what few realize is that aside from olive oil, that there are actually better oils for cooking your food and applying to your salads that have anti-aging properties that can help you live longer too.

“Lots of healthy oils have incredible anti-aging powers, but you may not know about some of them. Today I am revealing the most potent oils you are not eating,” says Dr. Oz as he introduces special guest Nutritionist Monica Reinagel, author of a book titled “Nutrition Diva’s Secrets for a Healthy Diet.

”How do we know which of the oils have true powerful anti-aging properties?” Dr. Oz asks Ms. Reinagel.

“Well, when you are shopping for oils at the grocery store, look at the label and look for the words ‘cold pressed’ or ‘expeller pressed,’” says Ms. Reinagel. “Because that tells you that the oils have been extracted without heat and without chemical solvents, because these can degrade the nutritional quality and the anti-aging benefits for these oils,” says Ms. Reinagel.

Listed below are 3 new anti-aging oils recommended by Ms. Reinagel that few people are aware of that play an important role in anti-aging antioxidants:

Anti-aging oil #1: Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant that is known for its durable fiber that sailors of long ago used in making rope for their sailing ships. Today, you can find a wide assortment of clothing and accessories made from hemp that is popular among counter-culture individuals who are pro-legalization of marijuana. Although the plant that hemp oil is derived from is related to the type of Cannabis grown for marijuana, it either has no or very little of the psycho-active delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In spite of this, growing hemp is illegal in the US. However, in its oil extract form, it is commercially available from seeds grown in other countries.

Used as cooking oil known for its nutty taste, the chief benefit of hemp seed oil is that it is rich in alpha-linoleic acid that reportedly can reverse the atherosclerosis developing in your arteries.

“Hemp oil helps keep your heart healthy as your age,” says Ms. Reinagel. “It’s one of the richest vegetable sources of omega-3 fatty acids,”

Aside from using as a healthy anti-aging cooking oil, hemp oil can also be integrated into your butter. Ms. Reinagel recommends making a spread of hemp seed oil by mixing one stick of butter with ½ cup of hemp seed oil in a blender into a smooth consistency that spreads over bread without tearing.

“You’re going to get a spread with all the taste of butter, but with only half the saturated fats,” says Ms. Reinagel.

Anti-aging oil #2: Avocado Oil

“Nutrients in avocado oil help protect your eyes from age-related degeneration,” says Ms. Reinagel as she points out that macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 55. To combat age-related degeneration of the eyes, foods that are rich in carotenes are recommended.

Avocado oil according to Dr. Oz is an antioxidant, anti-aging prevention oil due to its property of assisting your body in taking in carotenoid nutrients.

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“When avocado oil is consumed in salads, the oil from the pressed pulp of the avocado enhances your body’s absorption of carotene―a pigment that helps keep your eyes healthy,” says Dr. Oz.

Ms. Reinagel recommends that you substitute avocado oil for olive oil in your salad dressing recipes, and that doing so will increase your body’s absorption of carotenes from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes by as much as 4 fold.

Anti-aging oil #3: Peppermint Oil

“Peppermint oil benefits the whole digestive system―it helps to soothe and relax the stomach and the intestines,” says Ms. Reinagel who adds that some research shows that peppermint oil may help relieve irritable bowel syndrome.

Because peppermint oil is an essential oil, it has to be taken in much smaller doses than other types of cooking oils.

“Use it by the drop, and not the spoonful. If you go overboard on the peppermint oil you can get heartburn,” cautions Ms. Reinagel.

Her recommendation for taking peppermint oil is to add just two drops of peppermint oil to a cup of hot coco for a tasty, decadent treat; or, it can also be added to your coffee and tea.

When shopping for peppermint oil, she tells viewers to be sure that they pick a bottle that says “peppermint oil” on the label and not the ones that say “peppermint extract” as the two differ from each other.

One last bit of advice she offers viewers is to be sure to store your hemp oil and avocado oil in a cool dark space as heat and light will degrade the anti-oxidants in both of the anti-aging oils—storage in the refrigerator is preferable.

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