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Double Chin Fat Removed by Simple Injection Say Researchers

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Double Chin Fat Removal

Have you managed to lose weight, only to discover that your double chin remains? Would you like to put a stop to and reverse the buildup of neck fat under your chin as you grow older? Researchers say that they have found a cure that significantly improves how your neck will look under the chin requiring only a few simple injections that they say has resulted in a reduction of fat under the chin of more than 90% of their clinical trial patients.


The submental region―the area under the chin - is an important facial feature that at its best reveals your true age and at worst makes you appear older than you are. The reason for this is that due to multiple factors such as aging and genetics, which cannot be changed by diet and exercise, eventually affects both the distribution of fat and loose or sagging skin under the chin region - resulting in what is commonly referred to as a double chin.

The good news is all of that may change as researchers from KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced that the Dermatology and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is scheduled to review their latest drug - AXT-101 - that they claim breaks down fat deposits in the neck following a series of injection treatments.

AXT-101 is classified as a submental contouring injectable drug that enhances facial aesthetics without surgery. This proprietary formulation is a purified synthetic version of deoxycholic acid - a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat.

The importance of this new proposed treatment is that current injectable drug for reducing wrinkling and puckers such as Botox and dermal fillers are used primarily on the upper and mid-face regions, whereas little is available to address the submental region. Current facial injectable products, namely Botox and dermal fillers, are primarily focused on the aesthetic rejuvenation of the upper and mid-face and do not adequately address the submental region.

Researchers at KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. report that ATX-101 works as a facial contouring treatment by destroying fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue largely unaffected. This targeted destruction of fat cells under the chin is then followed by a natural healing response that involves clearing away the cellular debris as well as possibly initiating new collagen formation.

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Their findings are the result of six years of investigation involving more than 2,500 patients, of which more than 1,600 have been treated with ATX-101. In the clinical trials, ATX-101 treatment consisted of four or six treatment visits, based on the amount and volume of the fat under the test subject’s chin. When injected, ATX-101 was observed to act immediately on the targeted fat cells, and was then rapidly cleared from the injection site.

From the clinical trials, the researchers found that treatment with ATX-101 resulted in a reduction of fat under the chin in more than 90% of patients that persisted with a meaningful reduction of the fat up to two years after treatment. In addition, their findings also showed a high rate of study participant satisfaction with their treatment and the improvements in their appearance as well as their self-perception.

Side effects related to the ATX-101 injection treatments were temporary, mild-to-moderate in severity, and primarily associated with the injection site. The most common side effects observed included:

• treatment area pain
• numbness
• bruising
• swelling
• redness
• firmness
• itching
• burning/prickling sensations
• nodules

The FDA is expected to review the drug application on March 9, 2015 and is expected to reach a decision by May of 2015 on whether the drug should be approved, and if so, under what stipulations.

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