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Don’t Fall for These Weight Loss Saboteurs

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Reasons why you may not be losing weight

Did you know that taking antihistamines for your allergies may be preventing you from losing weight?! Here are some additional saboteurs of weight loss that you need to know about.


According to a recent news report from FOX 5 News in Washington, if you are having trouble losing weight it may not be due to that you are eating too much or exercising too little. Rather, you may be falling victim to five weight loss saboteurs recently revealed by Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, for Fox 5 News.


Weight Loss Saboteur #1: EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS―Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound used in plastic bottles and containers and in the lining of cans. It mimics estrogen in the body, according to Dr. Agarwal, which increases the chances of gaining weight. Her recommendation is to look for canned food that’s labeled “BPA-Free." But to be on the safe side, heat canned food in a glass container only—never in the can it was packaged in.

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Weight Loss Saboteur #2: LACK OF SLEEP―“People who get less than six hours of sleep per night are more likely to reach for higher calorie and sugary foods,” Dr. Agarwal tells viewers. In addition, a constant lack of sleep can lead to problems with leptin hormone levels, which can cause you to overeat.

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Weight Loss Saboteur #3: FOODS THAT LACK FIBER―“Fiber is what helps us to stay full, process foods in the body and also keep our blood sugar levels very stable,” said Dr. Agarwal, who adds that spiking blood-sugar levels affect your insulin levels, which can then trigger weight gain.

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Weight Loss Saboteur #4: MEDICATIONS―Dr. Agarwal warns that that medications used for mental health or neurological conditions such as anti-depressants, epilepsy or anti-seizure drugs can all lead to weight gain. In fact, even simple over-the-counter allergy medications can cause weight gain as well.

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Weight Loss Saboteur #5: CHRONIC STRESS―Stress is a huge player in weight gain because it drives up a hormone called cortisol, which can lead to belly fat. Even if you are exercising regularly—which is a great way to fight stress―a high stress level could make it difficult to lose weight.

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