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Can Watching The Dr. Oz Show Really Help You Lose Weight? 3 Tips Revealed by Viewers

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Dr. Oz and weight losss

Yesterday, Dr. Oz posted the following message on his Face Book page:

“What's the biggest thing that you've accomplished since you started watching the show? Tell me in the comments section and my favorites will be featured on an upcoming episode.”

Twenty-four hours later, over 1,300 readers posted back with their accomplishments and failures, their problems and solutions, their praises and their gripes about Dr. Oz and what his show has done for them―and the testimonies are remarkable.

Taking a random sampling of a sequential block of 100 comments posted by viewers, the numbers show that 30% responded stating that the biggest accomplishment they have achieved by watching The Dr. Oz Show is weight loss with an average loss of 53 pounds―this comes from a range of 10 pounds to 204 pounds over a time period of a few months to two years.

Samplings of positive comments in support of his show include:

“Lost 55 lbs. since Nov. of 2012...green smoothies now a regular part of my diet, vitamins, and walking...What I've learned from you.... It's not a diet ....It's a life change.”
―Michelle Gist-Boren

“To be more aware and listen to what your body is telling you! I have stopped eating red meat and for the most part, eat organic! In one year I've lost 30 lbs.!”
―Chelsea Kaylor

“I lost 64 lbs. since late fall of last year. Most of it avoiding my candy habit and avoiding white sugars and flours (I tell everyone they are the devil duo!!). Then it was protein shakes daily along with Omega-3 tabs and Green Tea Extract which I hold faithful to!!! Oh...and don't forget the oatmeal at least 3 days a week with protein powder, LOADS of cinnamon and coconut milk. Yogurt seems to be my go-to snack with a healthy granola (as I eat probably more daily then anyone lol)!! I'm not much of an exercise hound but diet alone can change a LOT in a person. Thank you Dr. Oz for everything you've offered to help us. You sure have helped me when others scoffed at the idea that I couldn't have done it!!”
―Jay Holzworth

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However, Dr. Oz also has his share of dissatisfied viewers as well:

“To be truthful, the show is a mess. Seems as if nutritional information shared changes with the wind (or the advertising money). The most intelligent thing I have accomplished? I don't watch the show.”
―Maryann Ramirez

“CONFUSION... take this and this for this and this and this for that...do this don't take that but DO take that for this!! HELP DR.OZ.. I'm so confused!!!”
―Donna Johnson

So what’s the take home message from this? Something is working for many, but not all viewers of The Dr. Oz Show and that something is the foundation of weight loss—you have to eat right to lose weight.

Give the doctor his due, he may rely on showmanship and hugs and diluted science for a select targeted audience, but from reading the comments posted on Face Book, Dr. Oz is obviously doing good for many in need of help.

If there is one single message that is given in every episode of The Dr. Oz Show it is that eating healthy is the best medicine for what ails you. Whether it may be given along with a new miracle supplement or the latest weight loss and exercise fad advice, a significant number of his viewers are following his message and losing weight.

A review of the comments posted shows that the number one most common shared weight loss tip that’s worked for many viewers is that of cutting out sugary sodas and other drinks that add a significant amount of calories to your daily intake. Number two is to cut out processed white flour foods and snacks. And number three is to become active and exercise.

So whether or not you are a fan of The Dr. Oz Show, take the time to read some of the comments posted on Face Book. You will hear real people with real stories and maybe learn something about weight loss that will work for you too.

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