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Does This New Coffee Trend Really Help With Weight Loss?

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Dieters try Ghee in their coffee

Devotees of a new way of making coffee using clarified milk is trending lately as a way to lose weight. But does this really make any sense? Here is what some doctors have to say about this latest weight loss trend.


According to Eyewitness News 3 WFSB TV in Hartford, Connecticut some coffee drinkers think that they have found a new way to lose weight by adding a type of butter called “Ghee” into their brew.

While the exact origin of this caffeinated clarified concoction is unclear, it likely is based on earlier claims by Dave Asprey, author of the popular “Bulletproof Diet,” who recommends butter in your coffee for weight loss using butter from grass-fed cows. He reportedly claims to have discovered the rejuvenating power of butter during travel when Tibetans gave him a similar yak butter tea that aided his 100-pound weight loss success.

“Ghee,” is a clarified butter made by removing all of the water and milk solids. The resulting food source left behind is essentially the purest form of butter consisting heavily of oils known as milk fats that contain omega-3 fatty acids among others. Ghee is used as cooking oil in some dishes.

Devotees of using Ghee claim it makes their coffee rich in antioxidants, helps with digestion, is good for the nerves and the brain, and helps you lose weight.

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WFSB 3 Connecticut

However, according to physicians interviewed by reporters from Eyewitness News 3 WFSB TV, although it makes coffee taste great, and can relieve constipation—although there are some unpleasant side effects to that part of it―and provides some beneficial nutrients, there is no evidence to support the claim that it will lead to weight loss. In fact, just the opposite, as well as increase your risk of developing arteriosclerosis as was pointed out by Dr. Saira Rani, of UConn Family Medicine

“I think the risk of having a heart attack is much greater than you getting a few extra vitamins. Patients that I've had―the few that have tried it [Ghee]―all of their cholesterol have gone up traumatically,” stated Dr. Rani.

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