"The Doctors" Dr. Travis Stork's Flat Belly Strategies

Dr. Travis Stork Talk flat belly weight loss

Dr. Travis Stork is the host of the popular TV show “The Doctors” and co-author of a flat belly fighting book titled “The Lean Belly Prescription.” In a recent issue of Prevention magazine, Dr. Travis shares his six flat belly strategies for feeling good with sensible slimming that will make you lean without turning mean.

Prevention magazine tells us that weight gain is a special frustration for Dr. Travis as he treats patients for Type 2 diabetes resulting from rampant obesity in the U.S. So much so, that Dr. Travis has made fighting obesity a mission in his life and practice. However, he notices that another after-effect of obesity is the frustration and ill feelings he sees in his patients as they try to lose weight.
To help others lose weight and achieve some inner peace while doing so, Dr. Travis has come up with six lifestyle changes that will not only give you a flat belly, but will also lead to a happier life to go along with your longer life.
The following is a summary of his six slimming strategies toward a flat belly and high spirits:

Slimming Strategy #1: Start First Thing in the Morning
Don’t skip breakfast. Research shows that people who skip breakfast are four and one-half times more likely to be obese than people who eat breakfast regularly. The prevailing theory is that morning fasting slows down your metabolism as well as make you overly hungry throughout the day. Dr. Travis recommends that people should eat protein such as scrambled eggs with whole grain cereal in low-fat yogurt and fresh berries.

Slimming Strategy #2: Don’t Use the D Word
Dr. Travis recommends that people institute a series of small changes rather than going on a deprivation-style diet. He explains that people tend to eventually go off their diet and return to their old eating habits that made them gain weight in the first place. He believes that although incremental changes mean slow progress, that they will benefit you in the long run. One example of a lifestyle change includes taking a walk after dinner every evening.

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Slimming Strategy #3: Downsize Your Stress
When you feel stressed your body releases cortisol, which is a hunger-inducing hormone that will cause you to snack on carbs and drink sugary liquids as a way of dealing with the stress. Dr. Travis offers alternative ways of dealing with stress by taking your mind off of stressors through activities such as watching a humorous YouTube video, calling a friend or just taking a walk.

Slimming Strategy #4: Kiss Cravings Goodbye
The best way to beat the temptation to snack on calorie-rich foods is to avoid having the craving in the first place. Dr. Travis recommends eating 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two in-between snack periods. The snack periods should consist of only healthy items like fruit with a small piece of cheese, whole wheat crackers with some peanut better, or a cup of yogurt with blueberries added. If you keep your energy levels steady through regular meals and controlled snacking throughout the day, he believes that your cravings for calorie-rich foods will go away.

Slimming Strategy #5: Buy Some New Dishes
Portion size increases with plate size was a recent finding by a research study looking at eating habits. Dr. Travis recommends that you go through your cabinets and replace your largest dinner plates with the smallest ones, or buy smaller dishes to eat off of. Furthermore, never eat out of a carton or bag. Studies show that the bigger the popcorn bags served at movie theaters that the more popcorn people will eat.

Slimming Strategy #6: Find Out What Works for You
Research from the CDC has shown that no single weight loss strategy works for everyone. Dr. Travis believes that by sitting down and identifying your weak points that led to your over-eating or eating the wrong foods, that it will help you find individual methods that will lead to weight loss. Finding alternative foods as healthier choice options is a good place to start in creating your own flat belly strategies.

Source: Prevention magazine De. 2011
Image source of Dr. Travis Stork: Wikipedia