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Do You Think that The Thigh Gap Hack Diet is Stupid? We Want to Hear Your Thoughts

Thigh Gap Hack Diet

Are you considering doing whatever it takes to get a thigh gap? You may want to think again about this as Dr. Oz reports on the lies behind the Thigh Gap Hack Diet and why you should be concerned about this new diet that can ruin your health. We also want to hear your thoughts on whether you think that the thigh gap hack diet is just being plain stupid about your health…or not. And, find out why some guys may not find your achieving a thigh gap so attractive after all.

“I believe that striving for a thigh gap may be the gateway to an eating disorder and it has taken the internet by storm—it’s America’s most dangerous new diet trend—the thigh gap,” reports Dr. Oz as he warns viewers that a new diet book titled “The Thigh Gap Hack” is teaching young girls about hard core tactics on hunger training and fasting.

With Dr. Oz is special guest Camille Hugh the author of “The Thigh Gap Hack” who tells viewers that her opinion is that beauty is dependent upon whether your thighs touch or not.

“I think that a thigh gap makes all the difference in how feminine and how sexy you can appear,” says author Camille Hugh. “And the closer you can get to that, the more attractive you look…any woman can get a thigh gap. It just boils down to lowering the body fat. If you can get lean enough—you can get a thigh gap.

While not a medical or health expert of any kind, Ms. Hugh defends her lack of knowledge with claims that she “has done her research” and is living proof that her plan works and it is safe. One of her messages is that women should not eat unless they are truly hungry regardless of the normal conventions of daily meals at set times of the day. To achieve this goal, however, requires long fasts, severe dietary deprivation, eating tricks and other tactics that guarantee loss of fat between the thighs.

From the information passed onto viewers by Dr. Oz, there are two primary lies that undermine the credibility of the Thigh Gap Hack Diet. The first is that any woman can achieve a thigh gap. The second is that it is safe.

From a physiology point of view, Dr. Oz shows viewers images of skeletal body types that demonstrate that some people have a wider pelvis than others. Then, he shows viewers images of muscles overlaying the legs of both skeletal types and what it does to the gap between the thighs. If a woman has a relatively narrow pelvis, then the thighs touch naturally (with the inclusion of some thigh fat padding the thigh muscles). If a woman has a wide pelvis, then the thighs do not touch leaving a narrow gap between the thighs.

The lie behind the claim that any woman can achieve a thigh gap is the omission that it may not really be possible for many women with a narrow skeletal pelvis to achieve this without not just losing fat, but wasting away healthy muscle as well. In other words, it does not just boil down to lowering your body fat as Ms. Hugh claims, but losing muscle as well with some body types.

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“You have to burn off muscle and that’s not good from my perspective,” says Dr. Oz. “Because muscles are your metabolic furnace, you need it for your metabolism to continue to move. You need it frankly, to live your life―you need muscle. So I’m concerned that by focusing on getting a thigh gap, that you are not getting everything you need.”

Addressing the 2nd of the two lies is the claim that the Thigh Gap Hack is safe. Dr. Oz questions this by asking whether Ms. Hugh’s recommended plan is in reality encouraging eating disorders in women. With Dr. Oz to answer this question is special guest Dr. Jennifer Thomas a psychologist and eating disorder specialist.

“I find it extremely worrying. I’ve studied the materials and I’m sure that you have the healthiest of intention,” says Dr. Thomas looking toward Ms. Hugh. “But really, the images and the content of her book and her website are anything but healthy. She’s advocating for a percentage of body fat that’s consistent with a clinical diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. And as you’ve shown, the thigh gap is not possible for many women to obtain. And striving for something that is impossible is a recipe for an eating disorder…of the research that I’ve done with 150 girls and women in residential treatment for eating disorders, over 90% of them were constantly looking for space between their thighs. It’s a dangerous obsession that can get out of control.”

Dr. Thomas attributes the rise in cases of eating disorders related to the desire to have a thigh gap, to the rise of the use of social media that popularized the idea of beauty being dependent upon having a thigh gap. This popularity is evidenced and fueled by a population of believers who show their success in achieving weight loss and a thigh gap with public images―a form of branding that some mistakenly believe adds credibility to its claims of success and safety.

While Dr. Oz does not come outright and say whether or not he considers the thigh gap diet to be stupid, he has taken the time to warn people about this new obsession and offers this parting comment:

“I think the thigh gap just gives you one more body part to obsess about. And unlike a six-pack, it is anatomically impossible for most people to do that at a healthy weight, says Dr. Oz.

For more about eating disorders, click-on this link to discover one reason why many guys may not find a thigh gap so attractive in a woman.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



I want to my thigh gap close plz tel m some medicine
Food is medicine.
Pratima: This article is about women who wish to have a gap between their thighs, not to have it close so that the skin might rub. Are you too thin do you mean?
I think that thigh gap hack is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I have personally not read about the thigh gap hack because it is trigering to me and probably is to many other people who are busy going through what I am. Society has made me believe that you are not beautiful if you dont have this or if you don't have that and I think it is STUPID. Nobody in this whole entire wold should have the goal to have a thigh gap, because it is untraceable unless you put your self through statvation which is important not to do because of sooo many obvious reasons that I know for a fact you can read up about. Over all I think this is a stupid change concept and everybody should be their happy, healthy selves(a reminder that a thigh gap is not healthy) and remember you are beautiful!